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  1. Jay

    Brisket head to cut

    what S.Six said
  2. Jay

    My First Pork Butt on a WSM is Done

    congrats and the pork looks great
  3. Jay

    Back to Basics Brisket

    looks delicious,now im hungry
  4. Jay

    My first Pulled Pork

    Looks very good
  5. Jay

    Can you use a 5 cfm blower on a WSM 22.5?

    Don the folks at Rocks are giving you the right info,thats too big a unit for such a small blower
  6. Jay

    Tuesday Night Simple Pork Butt

    Looks great. I love the bark too.
  7. Jay

    First Cook on 18.5 WSM: Ribs and Chicken Legs

    nice cook,looks good.
  8. Jay

    Injecting: I'm now a believer

    hey Clint I had the same issues with injectors for some time until I came across the one I have now and I abuse this thing and I love it,its called the BDI (bad dude injector) I got it online from how to bbq right,Im not affiliated at all with them other than the love of bbq,just passing this...
  9. Jay

    Injecting: I'm now a believer

    I love injecting,I have my moments where Im pressed for time but I try and make habit of injecting my butts and briskets..
  10. Jay

    10 lb Pork Shoulder Overnight Smoke Advice

    I've had my briskets and butts wrapped in foil and towels in my cooler for as long as five hours and when I pulled them out they were still hot!!!!
  11. Jay

    10 lb Pork Shoulder Overnight Smoke Advice

    275* and be done with it, figure on an hour or so a pound at 275*.
  12. Jay

    Family, BBQ and Oldies

    Everything looks great, that's what its all about, familia,BBQ and good times.
  13. Jay

    butts over briskets

    Thanks guys.
  14. Jay

    butts over briskets

    Thanks John. The fans are BBQ guru 25 cfm each and are connected to one digi q dx2 via a splitter that I got from BBQ guru site. I definitely saw an improvement on fuel efficiency and was able to get some zzzzzs. They are super quiet in my opinion .
  15. Jay

    meat loaves

    Certainly did.
  16. Jay

    Solo Baby Backs

    Them ribs look fantastic, great smoke ring too.
  17. Jay

    meat loaves

    Thanks me too.
  18. Jay

    my weekend cooks

    Oh man that looks great, great job.
  19. Jay

    meat loaves

    Thanks everyone.since I've introduced it to the family via smoke it seems I can't make it enough.