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    Move up from the 18.5" to the 22.5"?

    I sold my 22 and went back to the 18...mostly due to hurting my back lifting the heavier 22 into my pickup....both are great though.
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    Prime Brisket

    Looks great Don!
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    Looks like Aaron Franklin has a book out soon

    I enjoyed the book as well, though it was only about offsets though. (which I do not cook on). It does have a few recipes in the back though. I am going to try the bbq sauce ones.
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    Article on Texas Barbecue

    Enoyed the article..thanks.
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    Friends don't let friends buy boneless pork butts...

    I was about to put them on in an hour so, but am just gonna wait till early early morning. All tied up, rubbed, and ready to roll.
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    Friends don't let friends buy boneless pork butts...

    I dont nornally buy them, but did for tomorrow. Wsm will cook 2 costco boneless butts, and they come out as good as the bone in.
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    How long can one hold a brisktet or PP warm

    Agree with Steve, well said.
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    Nervously doing my first packer brisket

    Good Luck, sounds like it is coming together well. I have never separated the point and flat at 165, but it seems like it will work well.
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    Hello again from Seattle

    Welcome Back Jim...I met you back in 2005? or some year here in WA state at some BBQ comp.
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    Where to find best quality meats

    I usually go COstco, and for great briskets, I usually order Snake River Farms or Pat Lafreidas. I did a Prime Brisket from Lafrieda this past weekend, that I think was better then any SNR one I cooked...was so impressed.
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    Costco now carrying full packer briskest, Prime!!

    They had full packers here in WA at my local Costco (Choice) for like 3 days. Hope I see them again.
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    Slow n low tri tip?

    I have done many tri tips. and also prefer the ones cooked at a higher temp. (though reverse sear works well...using both WSM and PERFORMER)
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    Whole Packer at Costco

    Taking away tri tip would suck. SOrry to hear that.
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    Whole Packer at Costco

    I bought a 12lb Choice packer at my local costco today. Previously I only found them at the Business center. Hopefully this will continue....
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    My Blue Heaven

    Was just wishing mine was a custom color this morning..looks great.
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    my first brisket

    Glad everyone liked it...No pics?
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    WSM 18.5 cooking grate drops in....

    I have had 3 different 18.5 wsms. (2002/2006 and now a 2014) The grate def on 2014 model does not sit right, and it is not out of round. I use the washers like suggested and it is fine, but I might still call Weber to let them know.
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    18.5 lb brisket

    I just put a 15lb SNR brisket on my 18.5 and man it was a tight fit. I had to shoehorn it in there.
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    I thought I was smarter than the WSB

    Well said Dave R. In my experience, that nails it.