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    Rib Day in the Heartland

    I’m a big fan of the B&B briquettes and the Char Logs. Can’t go wrong with either one in the WSM or a kettle.
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    Rib Day in the Heartland

    Happy with how these turned out except for when I tore the one rack. Oh well, I guess I should keep trying. Have a great weekend you all.
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    Mexican Pulled Pork

    I just followed a recipe from the Meat Church(except I used a WSM, as it was intended;) ). It can be found on the website or on their YouTube channel.
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    Mexican Pulled Pork

    It was really good. That recipe will work it’s way into my rotation for sure.
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    Mexican Pulled Pork

    My contribution to Weber Smoke Day(a day late) was Mexican Pulled Pork on the 18” WSM and St Louis ribs on the 22” Weber Kettle. It was brutally windy with gusts over 30 mph, had to get a little creative blocking that wind. Very pleased with the results. Smoke on!!
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    Weber Family Portraits

    My little Weber family.
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    Anybody else using the Weber Deluxe Poultry Roaster

    Recently got mine, I'm a big fan. Need to experiment more with veggies in the pan and different seasonings. Have a great weekend all.
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    Friday Night Steak

    Looks outstanding!!
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    Used WSM 18.5"

    If it's in good shape, thats a bargain. :wsm:
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    Water pan

    I am a water pan guy. Use it most of the time. It is whatever you feel the comfortable doing. As long as the food turns out to your liking, you win. :blackkettle::wsm22:
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    Weekend Smoke?

    A chuck roast today. First time for this cut of meat. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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    Leaking lid question

    I wipe the lid out after every cook with some shop paper towels. I will check that middle section. Thanks
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    Leaking lid question

    I am wondering how long it normally takes for new smokers to seal up around the various openings? My WSM 18 1/2" still leaks under the lid. Is this something to be concerned with? I have maybe 20 cooks on it. I do probably over clean when finished. Just wondering. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Rain and 35mph winds

    No I didnt, picked up a 5 lb garlic chub from Dillons.
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    Rain and 35mph winds

    What started as an awesome Kansas morning, I decided to smoke a meatloaf and some bologna. Then the cold front moved in as I was firing up the 18 1/2" WSM. Been a struggle from the start, but I am keeping the smoke rolling.
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    Hello from Jayhawk country

    Welcome Caleb!!! From one newbie to another, the people on this site are the most helpful you could ask for. Enjoy and smoke on!! We will let the Jayhawk off easy, EMAW.:).
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    First Time With Water in the Water Pan

    Baby backs are todays choice for my 18.5" WSM(first time I have tried them). I am wondering how many of you all use the water pan with water or any other liquid? I have done chicken, chicken thighs and meatloaf but didn't use any water in the pan. Thanks for feedback in advance.
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    Saturday Meatloaf

    Going to try meatloaf today. This is cook #2 on my 18 1/2" WSM. So far, so good.
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    The first cook on my 18 1/2"

    Hey thanks, that was very helpful.
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    The first cook on my 18 1/2"

    I do, thanks