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  1. J

    Duroc Pork?

    A few guys I know have cooked Duroc.. they told me to save my money for higher end beef.
  2. J

    Aaron Franklin Brisket?

    Wow great looking brisket! I go fat cap down with great results. I do believe that a long hold time does make a difference. My better briskets were held at least 4 hours.
  3. J

    No smoke flavor in meat

    I put my wood chunks at the very bottom, some in the middle and a few around the perimeter of my lump. Oak and hickory gives me a nice smoke flavor.
  4. J

    Auto temp control for WSM

    I've been pretty happy with my pitmaster IQ 110. Personally, I no longer care for wifi features etc... it's more to monitor and tweak and ultimately worry about not working right.
  5. J

    Stoker II

    Let's just say I'm happier with the pitmaster IQ... it's a bit more durable even if it doesn't have as many features as the Stoker
  6. J

    Still can't get my brisket jiggly

    Nice job Pete! A long rest does a brisket good. As you know Aaron Franklin holds his briskets for quite a while.
  7. J

    How to make great Spare Ribs even better

    IMO, I think you should go a little hotter - 275* and yes trim excess fat off. Fat renders better at higher temps. How are you measuring temp? The stock therm is no good IMO.
  8. J

    Still can't get my brisket jiggly

    Peter, I believe you are on the right track in getting your perfect brisket. I would make sure you find a brisket with nice marbling. Sometimes you can find a non-graded or select brisket with decent marbling. Be picky and look for one with a flat that is 1+ inch thick flat on the tail end. Trim...
  9. J

    Still can't get my brisket jiggly

    Ouch! Most places around Austin including Franklins brisket is going for around $16-17/lb. I've heard many speculate that Franklin doesn't make much money off of brisket, he makes it off other meats and sides. Honestly there is no telling what is going behind the scenes. I would think brisket...
  10. J

    Still can't get my brisket jiggly

    Unfortunately cooking a no-foil, TX style brisket is a labor of love, there is just no away around it. Getting up @4am to tend the brisket or waking at 6am to start the fire.. something gotta give! :) I say this because WSMs are much more efficient compared to stick burners, and IMO something...
  11. J

    Still can't get my brisket jiggly

    For me there is a big difference between foil and paper. Foil steams the meat even w/out adding any liquids to it. The bark comes out soft and mushy too. It also cooks the brisket much faster. Nothing wrong with that. You can counter the soft bark by unwrapping the brisket and putting it back on...
  12. J

    Still can't get my brisket jiggly

    You don't need foil to cook a moist jiggly brisket. The key is adequate marbling and fat cap, you can't over trim. After that you have to cook it til the fat and collagens render just enough. 250-300* will work. It's done when it probes tender. Remove and allow it to vent to stop the cooking...
  13. J

    Another brisket noob here

    Meat can continue to take on smoke for quite a while. Ever had over smoked food? Smoke ring formation stops around 140* IT. When the brisket probes tender, take it off the pit and let it vent for about 15 minutes to stop the cooking process. 1 hour rest isn't long enough IMO, it will still be...
  14. J

    Another WSM Smoke Ring Failure

    I'm telling ya.. season the meat 4-6 hours in advance and put it back in the fridge. Put it on the pit, use lump or briqs.. doesn't matter. I get a nice smoke ring even on a kamado cooker (bubba keg) which are known for lack of smoke rings. Salt makes a difference.
  15. J

    Still having brisket problems--gotta try something new, I guess

    Sometimes you can cook a brisket just right and it will still be dry in the flat. This usually happens if the flat is really thin and or void of fat/marbling. Injecting could possibly help. If you want a better smoke ring try putting on your rub about 4-6 hours ahead of time, it's never failed...
  16. J

    Still having brisket problems--gotta try something new, I guess

    Temp probe goes in at the side, right where the point meets the flat. Tip of the probe should try to reach the middle of the brisket. When I do temp probe, I start checking for doneness at 195*. I use a wooden skewer and probe from the top, where the point meets the flat. It's ready when the...
  17. J

    Salt Lick Brisket question.

    I'm sure they do, not all the fat of course. Did you know they use gas cookers? That big pit is just to get some "smoke flavor" on them and for show I'm sure. Shoot they didn't even make the Texas Monthly top 50. I've never been but some people I know say it's fine...
  18. J

    WSM Minimal Smoke Ring Theory

    I get a significant smoke ring on my briskets and ribs all the time using either the WSM or my bubba kegs. I think the key is to season them overnight or 6-8hours in advance. It's the salt providing that curing/smoke ring effect. I've used water/no water and go with the top vent wide open all...
  19. J

    Gifts for Someone New to the 'Que?

    Buy him a brisket and show him how to smoke it!
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    BBQ Across America map

    For TX, they also forgot beef AND spare ribs and sausage... and cabrito for South TX.