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  1. J

    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    Take the door off and open all the vents. Let it burn out with the door off. When it cools down knock the chunks and flakes off.
  2. J

    Cast iron skillet recommendations

    All my cast iron is new production Lodge. I have the double dutch oven, 10" square pan, 12.5" deep skillet, 13.5" regular skillet, and a 17" dual handle skillet. I used a purple 3M stripping wheel that is has grit imbedded in to it to smooth them all out. Then sandblasted them to give them a...
  3. J

    Keurig Coffee Maker For Christmas

    I use mine for coffee pods and a hot water dispenser. I use a French Press if I am not using pods. I just run the hot water out of the kurig.
  4. J

    Weber is addressing the scam "sales" of their products

    I'd imagine they are after your personal information so they can steal your identity. Not just a simple credit card number. Look at how much info you have to give for an online mail order.
  5. J

    Charcoal Temperature

    You needed more air to get to your temp. How did the cedar wood taste? I have two vents in the lid and put a set of machine screws in the aluminum door so I can prop it open. With a full water pan, both vents open and the door propped open I can still hit 350-375 with a hard rolling boil in...
  6. J

    Best replacement thermometer

    I put a 2" River Country glow in the dark one on mine. You don't use the beizel and have to enlarge the hole with it as well.
  7. J

    Tejas Smokers Natural Gas Camp Stove

    Which wok ring is that. The 11x2 or 9x3
  8. J

    Tejas Smokers Natural Gas Camp Stove

    Looks good. I have been eyeballing one of their dual burner setups too. Looks like you got one that's built on a cart with wheels. I was looking at one of the cook stands that just has the 4 leg extensions. Id probably go low pressure propane since I don't have NG. I don't really want HP...
  9. J

    Kettle Pizza

    My plan for the extra hardware kit was to put the two handles in the holes on the back side. That way two people could lift the Kettle Pizza off and on the grill while hot. I used some threaded couplers on the top nuts so it would make for longer fingers to support the stainless steel top...
  10. J

    Kettle Pizza

    Kettle Pizza for a 22" Weber charcoal grill asking $275 Kettle Pizza, pro grate, tombstone shaped pizza stone, stainless steel top plate, wood basket, extra hardware kit (handles, and thermometer). The original stone came with a hairline crack, but I have been using it that way with out...
  11. J

    Dialing in an adjustable lid thermometer to read grate temp

    So once you know this and know how your WSM cooks. How is knowing the exact temp at the cooking grate improve your BBQ? How does looking at your digital readout and seeing 226.7 deg F improve your BBQ over knowing your lid thermometer reads 20-30 deg high and taking 250-20=230 to 250-30=220...
  12. J

    Dialing in an adjustable lid thermometer to read grate temp

    How does knowing the exact temp at the cooking grate improve your BBQ. When you set your oven to 350 deg it's not 350 at every location. But once you lean how your oven works it doesn't really matter. I'd do the same for your WSM and dome thermometer. Once you figure out how the relationship...
  13. J

    Pella-A Weber Kettle Pellet Adapter

    Cool. I have always wanted a Weber Kettle that can't sear.
  14. J

    Drilling into WSM?

    If you can I would avoid doing a center punch. The impact of the auto punch will shatter the enamel and could crack it out farther than the hole your drilling. Chances are it will all be covered up by the new daisy wheel and a after a few cooks it will be covered in seasoning so you wouldn't...
  15. J

    Chimney Of Insanity

    I already have a Stihl leaf blower.
  16. J

    Pizza Accessory

    The problem with making pizza on the grill is going to be the temp difference from the bottom of pizza to the top. With a fire built under the stone its going to naturally run hotter. The kettle pizza helps with this problem by allowing you go burn wood at about the same height as the pizza...
  17. J

    Top grate on new 18.5 keeps falling in

    The smaller bottom grate is easier to slip by the top cooking grate supports. Both cooking grates have handles. The one that has concaved shaped handles is the bottom one.
  18. J

    Shelf-Stable Corn on the Cob

    Blanch it, dunk it in cold ice water to stop the cooking. Use a device like this to cut it off the cob. Bag it in freezer bags then freeze. Usually when we are done we take the left over juice and...
  19. J

    Shelf-Stable Corn on the Cob

    That's why you put up corn in the summer when its in it prime. Then you have bags of corn in the freezer to get you though till next season. Its not on the cob but its better than what you get at the store.
  20. J

    Seeking flat-bottom non-stick skillet

    Maybe the center of the skillet blank gets stretched less than the outside when it's stamped. So it's slightly thicker / taller in the middle .