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  1. Pat Romero

    First-Time Comp Advice?

    Thanks, Donna, for your sage advice! I especially like all 3 of the #10's on your Do's, Don'ts & Never's List I will be sure to take all of your advice to heart as I decide when & where to enter my first contest. Pat
  2. Pat Romero

    First-Time Comp Advice?

    Hi Donna, I have enjoyed my backyard addiction so much so over these last several years that I told myself that 2014 would be the year to enter my first BBQ Competition. Any advice on Do's or Don'ts with my first of what I hope will be many BBQ Competitions to come? Thanks for being so generous...
  3. Pat Romero

    Double Stuff FATTY

    James, Your Fatty looks delicious & your post has inspired me to give it a try. Going on my 2014 To Do List. :wsm:
  4. Pat Romero

    Spare Ribs

    Great color, beautiful looking ribs & sides, Robert!
  5. Pat Romero

    What is your 2014 BBQ new years resolution? *****

    Practice & prepare enough to ready myself for my first local BBQ Competition this year.
  6. Pat Romero

    Smoked Pig Belly

    No words for this picture, Jim <drool> <drool> <drool> . . . ;)
  7. Pat Romero

    JBO Bacon and some other stuff

    Agree with John, nicely done, Tim!
  8. Pat Romero

    Parkay-ed & Maple Sugar Spares

    Bob- Those Ribs look finger-lickin' good!!! Great cook & awesome pictures. Happy New Year to you & your family!!!
  9. Pat Romero

    Our rice recipe

    Tony- your rice & bean recipe are on the top of my To Do List for 2014. Looks delicious & I'm looking forward to trying it!!!
  10. Pat Romero

    rotisserie thighs

    Wow, Jim ... That looks delicious and, dare I say, <gulp> HEALTHY too !!!
  11. Pat Romero

    Chicken and shrimp

    Tony & Maribel, You guys sure know how to finish the BBQ year strong! Beautiful meal & very nice pictures!!! Have a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!!
  12. Pat Romero

    Help me improve my brisket (long post, my apologies)

    Grant- I've used Myron's HH brisket recipe before & don't recall him saying anything about using the smoker water pan. He did advocate marinating it in an aluminum pan & filling it with marinade liquid, but nothing that I read in his recipe about the smoker's water pan during the cook. After...
  13. Pat Romero

    First real smoke (Pics included)

    Lookin' Good, JP!!! Who Dat!!!
  14. Pat Romero

    Dizzy yardbird

    Poultry Perfection on a Stick, Mike ... Nice Roto yardbird!
  15. Pat Romero

    Rotis Rib Eye Roast and Cast Iron Pearl Onions

    Beautiful, Adam ... Nicely done!
  16. Pat Romero

    New Copper OTG 22"

    Matt- you'll need to set up an account with an on-line photo hosting site like "PhotoBucket". I have the app on my iPhone & upload my iPhone pics to PhotoBucket so that I can then copy & paste the IMG Code from PhotoBucket into a TVWBB forum post.
  17. Pat Romero

    Kielbasa • CSRs • Chicken Molé Tacos

    WWJD is a popular acronym asking "What Would Jesus Do?" to help guide one's moral compass. However, on this forum it stands for "What Would Jim Do?" since you have elevated backyard grilling to a whole new level, Jim! My 2014 New Year's Resolution will be that every time I fire up my chimney...
  18. Pat Romero

    Korean Style Ribeye

    Beautiful steaks, Bill & I just recently had my first Blue Moon last week. :cool:
  19. Pat Romero

    Another Christmas Meal, quickie!

    Looks moist & tender, Tim! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's to you & your family!!!
  20. Pat Romero

    Yawn…another Christmas prime rib thread

    Jerome- You could bore me with a plate of that ANY time, my friend! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!