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    Spice Grinder

    Rita, You are correct! I should take some pics and post them so you can see how it looks on the counter when I amm grinding.
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    Spice Grinder

    Jerry, I only use the hand crank. If you were grinding for wheat or other large quantities, the motor would be a must. But for the small batches I grind, the hand crank works fine. The best part about the grinder is its infinite range of grinds. I continue to be very happy with this unit...
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    Spice Grinder

    Doug.... You DA man!! Thanks very much!
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    ICS Competition Red Chili

    Yes, But NOT a smoked one.
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    Outback Steakhouse Steak Marinade

    Here is the supposed clone of the Outback Steak Rub.................... Yum-Yum Steak Seasoning
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    Spice Grinder

    Jerry, I use only whole spices and grind in small batches. I was never happy with the inconsistent grind that coffee grinders provide. I burned out 2 burr mill grinders and decided I needed the best. I did a tremendous amount of research and finally bought the following unit. Expensive...
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    Chili dog recipes

    Rita..... Both of the A&W sauces taste about the same. My fave is the Original Greek recipe...INCLUDING the 1 cup of shortening!! LOL
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    Jeff..... Glad to see you are still at it! I need to experiment with higher heats...I just don't have any time. The biggest problem with cooking ribs is the long time frame. I have stopped cooking for lunsh as it requires me to start cooking at 5am......much too old for that!! I buy the...
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    Time to try something new

    Here is what the Boggy Ponders have used in the past. Use whatever BBQ sauce you would normally use. Note, they will use a rub after marinating. Boggy Pond Rib Marinade 1 1/2 cups Boggy Pond BBQ Sauce 1/2 cup Apple juice 1/2 cup Dale's Sauce 1/4 cup White vinegar Mix together and...
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    beef round eye roast

    Sorry, I guess I was thinking they were the same cut! I do only low temp cooking on the WSM. All other meats are done on a charcoal grill using lump.
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    Good Injection Recipes

    Paul.... Have never injected a brisket so not much help. However, I do not like "sweet" on my beef so would use something quite different than the pork. When foiling my briskets to hold, I use beef broth, so maybe just that and some woost sauce. That darn chuck roast did take forever even...
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    Green Pork Chili

    David, Along with smoking meats I also compete in both ICS and CASI chili cook-offs. Here is my "Red" recipe................ ICS Competition Red Chili 2 pounds Tri Tip beef, cubed 1 Pork bone 1 medium Onion(s), diced 3 teaspoons Cumin powder 2 teaspoons Red chile pepper, fine grind 2, 10...
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    Chili dog recipes

    Captain.... You gotta try that one!! For me, its the best sauce I have ever made!
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    Good Injection Recipes

    Rick, May be a little late, but this is from one of the best teams on the MIM circuit............. Pork Injection Marinade 1 cup Apple juice or cider 1/4 cup Cider vinegar 1/4 cup Water 2 tablespoon(s) Worcestershire sauce 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) Pork rub(whatever you will use to rub the butt) 2...
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    Smoked Fish Recipes

    Joe, Here is a write up from my buddy Tom Collis. He fishes EVERY day on Lake Michigan and has experimented with smoking fish for many years. Hope this helps! ______________________________________________ TC’S FISH SMOKING PROCESS ? TC’s Brine for 5 lbs of Salmon: ? 1 gallon water ? ½...
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    Jumpin' Jim's Chicken Thighs

    Doug.. Thanks for bumping! I use 3 small cans of pineapple juice(6 oz. each) to one large bottle of Sauce(40 oz.). Pour your sauce into a container and then pour 1 can juice into the empty sauce bottle. Shake, shake, shake and pour into the container with your sauce. Add the other 2 cans...
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    beef round eye roast

    Check out how I made this cut of meat......
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    Dried Peppers

    I use only dried peppers, but most of the varieties are nowhere near dry enough to grind....I think Kev mentioned this. So, I dry in my food dehydrator and then grind. I have used most types of grinders and been very disappointed. I finally did lots of research and bought the unit you can see...
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    Extreme Heat Minion Method

    When its hot I don't use a charcoal chimney. I just throw a Weber starter cube right into the charcoal pile. By the time it is finished burning, I have just the right amount of coals lit and I can then regulate from there.
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    HUGE foiler here! I learned from some of the best teams on the circuit. My first trip to an MIM contest I thought I took a wrong turn and was at a Reynolds convention!! As I mentioned earlier, I only cook for groups now and the ribs must be tender and on time. I have NEVER heard a customer...