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  1. Steve in IA

    Turkey Roast Roll

    The turkey roast turned out great. I did it according to the instructions on the wrapper. 350 for about 3 hours on my zgrill pellet grill and the internal temp was 170. I basted it with butter a few times during the cook. I just salt and peppered it to begin with. Nice and juicy with a nice...
  2. Steve in IA

    Turkey Roast Roll

    I think its not stuffed, just a roll of dark and white meat. I don't know if I should do it low and slow or just run it at 350 and be done with it. The wrapper says 350 in the oven for 3 hours. Maybe I will do it at 180 for an hour then bump it up to 350? Wrapper says to take it to 175 internal.
  3. Steve in IA

    Turkey Roast Roll

    Planning on doing a 4# turkey roast roll, has the netting on, going to do it on my pellet grill. How should I do it?
  4. Steve in IA

    Wireless Sound System for TV

    I have the Samsung 650 soundbar system that is several years old. Sometimes I have problems hearing the speaking part of the sound, its like the music overwhelms the voice. Anyone else experience this?
  5. Steve in IA

    New Release, MEATER 2

    The probe looks pretty thick. Does anyone think that is a problem?
  6. Steve in IA

    Controversial Combos: what are yours?

    Ketchup on scrambled eggs. It drives my wife crazy. :)
  7. Steve in IA

    Viewing the flame

    You can just look down between the grates through the cutouts on each flavorizer bar. Works well to see the flame.
  8. Steve in IA

    Breakfast on the Genesis II S-345

    Thanks Chuck, I already had taken more of the bacon off to make room for the eggs.:)
  9. Steve in IA

    Breakfast on the Genesis II S-345

    These non-Weber griddles work pretty good.
  10. Steve in IA

    Reheating Pulled Pork

    We have a graduation party tonight that we are serving pulled pork that was smoked and then frozen a week ago. It is now thawed in the refrigerator. What would be the best way to reheat this. We are considering using a roaster and adding chicken broth. Any suggestions?
  11. Steve in IA

    Anybody grilling?

    I've always had good results with the rotisserie on my N/S grill.
  12. Steve in IA

    2022 John Deere Christmas ad featuring Weber products

    I found this in a magazine. Notice the top and bottom of the tree.
  13. Steve in IA

    Exclusive Drawing for Forum Members: TVWB Patch Cap

    I received my cap and other goodies via UPS today! Thanks again Chris.
  14. Steve in IA

    Exclusive Drawing for Forum Members: TVWB Patch Cap

    Thanks Chris!!! I don't have a WSM, but I still like the cap. I usually don't win anything.:)
  15. Steve in IA

    So I'm making the switch

    I didn't switch, but I did add. Really like my SNS kettle with the slow n sear.
  16. Steve in IA

    Howdy-do from the Hawkeye State!

    Welcome Denny!!! But Iowa is a Cyclone State! :)
  17. Steve in IA

    Does anyone own a new Weber gas grill?

    This is my 3rd season for a Genesis II S-345 and I love it. It just flat out grills extremely well. I have used the rotisserie and despite the hate on this forum for the ability of the new grills to do a quality job with the rotisserie, it does a great job. Will it last as long as the old...
  18. Steve in IA

    Reborn Broilmaster

    What year would it be?
  19. Steve in IA

    Unusual grill for sale

    Dont know if I would want this or not.
  20. Steve in IA

    Genesis II vs pre-2017 Genesis

    I have done a pork tenderloin and a whole chicken on the rotisserie on my Genesis II S-335 with no problems. Has anyone with one of the newer grills really had any problems spinning?