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    New WSMs for 2009

    Wow. I mean wow. I'm ashamed that I've been an absent member of this community for so long and am just now seeing that there's a new 22" WSM! But, great news! If only I had $400 to spare right now... Anyhow, Chris, thanks for keeping up with all of this and for keeping up with this community...
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    What's the longest your butt ever took?

    around 19 hours for a 9 pounder. Now I tend to cook them in the 240-250 range and it cuts about 5-6 hours off of that time, it seems.
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    Side-by-side: BGE-WSM Overnighter

    Jeff, thanks for the side by side. A few thoughts as I've read through this. One big difference I think with the BGE v. the WSM is that the kind of charcoal you use makes a HUGE impact in performance. While with the WSM you can use virtually any charcoal and, with adjustments, make it work...
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    Trim Spare Ribs, or Not?

    I trim depending on my company. If it's all close company who doesn't care about a little messiness (or a lot) then I don't trim. I like that extra meat in the "knuckle" as you refer to it. If I'm going for presentation or mixed company, then I'll trim.
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    Rancher Temps

    Rancher seems to come up to temps faster than Kingsford, so you may want to start managing down the temps faster as they come up. But inherently, it doesn't burn any hotter than kingsford. Just make sure that when doing minion method you start clamping down the vents a little earlier - like...
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    Where do you buy your meat?

    I've really soured on the big warehouse places lately. Not for any political reasons or anything, but simply that I no longer think their quality is all that good relative to the price you pay. Plus (and this is the biggest) you get no choice. Costco, at least, it's only brisket flats, and...
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    brisket fat cap?

    and don't throw away that fat you trim off. Render it down into some great tallow you can use for savory pastries (think, meat pies, etc.). Or for deep frying. Or for making candles, if you are into that kind of stuff, I suppose. But I just stick to the food.
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    Tri tips

    I always grill mine. Never really seen a need to do them in the WSM, though I suppose if I were doing 6+, then the WSM would be the way to do it. My favorite method is incredibly basic. Garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil. Here's the explanation from the LA Times.
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    Has anyone tried these?

    yeah, country style ribs. another good recipe here is from kevin kruger. he used country style ribs for cochinita pibil (pork in an achiote paste wrapped in banana leaves). I've done it a number of times with full pork shoulder, but using CSR gives you more surface area benefiting from that...
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    WSM Ribs w/Clay Pot Base

    if you put water in the clay pot, you might as well use the original water pan. not much added benefit - it's all a heat sink anyhow. Water in the pan won't contribute any moisture to the final product. I find it does have an affect on the bark, but that's it. Congrats... seems like a good...
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    Do You Use an Automatic Temperature Controller ?

    Quite honestly, the WSM runs so flawlessly I don't think it's needed - EXCEPT in those places with lots of inclement weather (and by inclement, I mean wind, not just cold or heat). I ran my WSM the other day for 18 hours, didn't touch it once, didn't refuel, nothing and it stayed a steady...
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    Starting method vs. temperature stability

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Eric W: Seems to me that the trick to the Minion Method is to bring the temp up to target slowly. You don't want to get to 225 as fast as possible and...
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    New smoker advice

    a friend of mine and I are currently building a smoker out of a 250 gallon water tank. For the reasons Rich said, we opted NOT to go the propane route. If you or a friend is a true professional on this, then go for it, but I wasn't going to be within a quarter mile of someone cutting into an old...
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    Meat prices

    how much were the racks on their own (sans chicken) and how much did they weifh. Sounds like a pretty good deal, but not really sure what the rib cost was. That's the biggest
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    Is a small brisket ok?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by David Lohrentz: The 1.5 pounder is probably just the flat... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> That's actually going to be just a small portion of just the flat. A...
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    Is a small brisket ok?

    definitely need something bigger than 1.5 pounds to bbq brisket well. The only thing a brisket that small would be good for is braising. As for brined, I've never heard of brined brisket. I'd steer clear of that by a mile too. If you have a costco nearby, you'll be able to find brisket flats -...
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    home depot hardwood charcoal briquettes, $3 for 20lbs

    Keep an eye out before July 4th. HD usually has sales on charcoal leading up to all the major summer holidays.
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    brining country style ribs (pork shoulder)

    I think it all depends on what you want out of them. Do you want them fall apart tender? Do you want to eat like ribs, or pull like pulled pork? If you want it to shred like pulled pork, go to 190s. If you want it to have a bit of resistance like spares, then 180 or so. But they are a small...
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    Prepping a whole pork shoulder

    with a sharp knife, taking the skin off of a pork shoulder is very, very easy. Just cut under the skin, and will take you about 1 - 2 minutes to get it all off. Then, as tjkoko said, reserve that pork for making chicharron and lard... - Adam
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    Adjusting the sauce recipe

    pineapple is a favorite bbq flavoring of mine. It works wonderfully in sauces, marinades, etc. If you use in a marinade, just boil fresh pineapple juice first. If using from can, no need to. Peach could also be good to, in my opinion.