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  1. Wil A

    Hatch Chiles

    This thread has almost convinced me to buy five pounds of these chiles and roast them on the open fire. No idea what I would do with five pounds of these things but they just sound so intriguing 🤔
  2. Wil A

    Wagyu Searing Advice

    How many London broils can one cook exceptionally well on the grill while they wait the 8+ hours for the sous vide version to be completed?? Also, do you do it before, or how much more time is added for the searing of the roast after it gets out of the water? Curiosity has the best of me...
  3. Wil A

    First feast at the cottage…

    I’m in on some Bushmills and a HYRSS! Thanks for sharing (y)
  4. Wil A

    Beercation 2022

    Thanks for sharing the photos! The food looks great and there’s nothing like an awesome family photo. Great times!
  5. Wil A

    Big Change(s) at Weber - From sizzle to fizzle

    Just a small, personal observation as a 30 year Weber owner and 24 year REI member... Weber isn’t expanding to REI because they are trying to be culturally inclusive. Also, with the exception of one, all of the Latino people I know from the restaurant industry own some type of grill made from...
  6. Wil A

    Nathan’s hot dogs and chicken yakitori

    You know, Joey Chestnut ate all the dogs on your grill in 2 minutes yesterday? Plus buns... :LOL:
  7. Wil A

    Salmon on a plank

    Love the red zin with salmon. Great job!
  8. Wil A

    Simple Pinwheels

    It was ~18 minutes total time from the 4th photo through the 6th photo. I did flip them quite a bit as I wanted the prosciutto to get cooked. Worth the effort. And speaking of, I used outside skirt for that cook. I just bought some inside skirt to see if the pinwheels would be just as good.
  9. Wil A

    Frenched Pork and Zin

    Yummm...what a great combo!
  10. Wil A

    What’s your biggest or most memorable barbecuing oops?

    Live fire fail: squash. Story doesn’t matter because the photos speak for themselves. :LOL:
  11. Wil A

    Jerk Chicken for Fathers Day

    That plate looks great! Having just found that jerk recipe myself, I wish it were possible to find real scotch bonnet peppers where I live. I guess I could order them online...
  12. Wil A

    Simple Pinwheels

    Sharp eye! That’s a Coors Light in the background... :) As for the chimney, I absolutely LOVE it. So much so that I ordered another (cheapest price I found online was at Walmart - $22.49 - with free next day shipping) because...well, two is one and one is none, right?!?! The lump did “seem” to...
  13. Wil A

    Take a week off work and go fishing and relax they said.................

    (y) Thanks for all the updates. Despite the bugs, camping is where it’s at! Also, love the mustard with the beans. And, here’s a Coors Light for you! 🍺
  14. Wil A

    Lots of camping and Cooking

    Great photos. Looks like you had an awesome time, rain or not.
  15. Wil A

    Simple Pinwheels

    Thanks! These are super, super easy to make. The only “problem” is finding skirt wide enough. Otherwise, the hardest thing in making these is pounding out the thinish strips.
  16. Wil A

    Simple Pinwheels

    This sounds awesome. For all the money I’ve wasted on useless grilling gadgets, I could’ve had two or three rotisseries for my Weber. :oops:
  17. Wil A

    Simple Pinwheels

    Decided to make some pinwheels yesterday. I used outside skirt steak pounded out a bit and then layered it with some pesto, provolone, and prosciutto. I again used the B&B lump. Pretty good stuff. They turned out way better than expected :LOL: and I will for sure do these again…
  18. Wil A

    Meat probe Thermometer

    I’ve a ton of Thermoworks stuff... ...but I’ve been leaning towards a Meater+ recently. Very clearly, I don’t need one, and the Thermoworks stuff is TOP notch, but perhaps it’s just something different.
  19. Wil A

    Smoked Polish Sausages

    I would so take 3 or 4 lengths of that sausage! Great job!
  20. Wil A

    And another pizza...

    That looks great! Nothing like the cheese fresh off a stone. (y)