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  1. Bob Sample

    Help! Can this brisket be saved?

    You can save yourself a lot of time and stress by using the high heat method. I used to do all my briskets low and slow but a few years back tried the HH method and I’ve never done a brisket overnight since.
  2. Bob Sample

    Packer brisket on Weber kettle advice

    I've done up to 14lb packers. I use 2 fire bricks to keep the coals to one side. Foil under the brisket to catch the drippings. Place lump and 3-4 chunks of mesquite or red oak in the barricaded area and light at one end with a torch. L&s you need to almost close your bottom vents completely...
  3. Bob Sample

    Pizza headaches

    How I set up my kettle. I use 2 chimneys of lump spread around the outside of the bowl. Preheat the stone in the oven at 550 for at least a half hour. Place my veggie basket on the grate and put the stone on that, this raises it about 4". I then use two old rotisserie skewers to hold the lid of...
  4. Bob Sample

    Building a rack for a Pizza Stone

    I just flip my veggie basket over and put my stone on that. It's probably about 4" deep.
  5. Bob Sample

    High Heat Brisket on the Kettle from Cook's Country

    Seems like those guys could have saved themselves a lot of time and trouble coming here, reading a bit and asking a couple questions. Been doing hh and l&s briskets on my kettle for years.
  6. Bob Sample

    Brisket -- 7 pounds -- advice please

    Tough and dry=undercooked Crumbly and dry=overcooked
  7. Bob Sample

    Rainy Roadside

    Thanks Cliff, I remember when I had way more posts than you lol.
  8. Bob Sample

    Rainy Roadside

    Mark. Still stupid hot and humid here. I was out your way and drove through Airdrie in late July. Took this picture near you url=][/url]Untitled by robertssample, on Flickr
  9. Bob Sample

    Rainy Roadside

    Been a long while since I posted anything in here but thought I'd give it a go today after finally figuring out how to post from Flickr instead of photo bucket. My day started out as it usually does these days Untitled by robertssample, on Flickr Was a little wet when it was time to cook but...
  10. Bob Sample

    Stephen: How Is It Pronounced?

    Ph has a f sound when properly pronounced so Stephan should be pronounced Stefan. That being said you should pronounce a persons name the way they want you to. I'm still trying to figure out how singer Sade name could possibly be pronounced Sharday but if she wants to pronounce her name wrong...
  11. Bob Sample

    Timing is everything...

    Best advice I can think of is to make small adjustments and give them time to take affect. It's easier to bring the temperature up than it is to bring it down. Don't open the lid to peek. Don't get obsessed checking temps all the time, in fact I would recommend learning to cook without the...
  12. Bob Sample

    Brisket: mission impossible

    By wet do you mean juicy? Dry and tough is underdone, juicy and tender is perfect, dry and crumbly is overdone. Should be able to pull a slice apart easily with your fingers.
  13. Bob Sample

    Brisket for beginners

    Moisture and tenderness comes from the breaking down of the connective tissue in the meat. Surface fat just pretty much renders down and flows off whatever your cooking. I trim most of the surface fat off my brisket.
  14. Bob Sample

    Hanger Steak

    On a side note Len. How do you find the meat at Walmart now that they've gone to all Canadian AAA Angus beef? I normally avoid Wally World meat. Actually I normally avoid Wally World everything.
  15. Bob Sample

    refrigerated brisket in cryovac, 6 week past use by date?

    It's fine as long as your fridge is in the 34f range with little variation. It may smell funky when you open it but give it a good rinse with cold water and you'll be good to go. I usually leave my briskets in the fridge as long as possible, longest was in for a little over 8 weeks. Kevin...
  16. Bob Sample

    Wood Question

    The only wood I use that I can really tell a difference with is mesquite. I use sugar maple from my yard, apple from my neighbours yard,cherry from my sis-n-laws yard and red oak from various friends wood piles. They all smell different from each other when your burning them but taste wise they...
  17. Bob Sample

    I have the Wild Pig, now what...

    The butt is actually part of the front shoulder. Cook them bone in.
  18. Bob Sample

    Hot & Fast???

    I'm terrible at planning ahead so I do most of my BBQ hh. Decide at breakfast I want brisket and I can go to the butcher, buy a 14lber and have it ready in time for dinner. I don't see much of a difference between l&s and hh
  19. Bob Sample

    Cooking Brisket In An Ordinary Oven

    Cook it the same way you would in your smoker. If you want to cook it faster us the hh method.
  20. Bob Sample

    Finding beef short ribs from the plate

    You would probably have to find a good old fashioned butcher and tell him what you need.