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    CyberQ Wifi question

    Well, mine runs independently of a network, when I ask it to.
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    Thermocouple clips

    After reading these responses, I must remark that this problem is similar to my trials of finding a really good way to use a thermocouple in a kitchen oven. I have a kitchen oven that checks out O.K. with any thermometer that one would want to try: electric, NFS certified, etc. Yet, the...
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    No luck with the lid temperature gauge

    Bob B, Thanks for what sounds like a reasonable explanation.
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    No luck with the lid temperature gauge

    Well, I do not know what I am doing wrong, but there is often a big difference between the lid thermometer and my Guru placed on the bottom of the loaded top grate. The lid generally is cooler, by a long shot, unless I operate empty. I generally trust the Guru.
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    Smoked French Dip Help

    "... Better Than Bouillion ..." Thanks, I'll try that.
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    Smoked French Dip Help

    Smoked French Dip sandwiches are incredibly good. All I do is to smoke a brisket the regular way and then sliceit thinly. Then cut the fat off the brisket slices and put both the meat and fat into commercial onion soup. Heat the meat and fat in the soup to flavor it. Remove fat and meat from...
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    Improved Chicken Skin: a first try

    Well, I will do that on one of my variations. Right now, it is a little involved to get much popularity with cooks. Simple is better, thanks.
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    Anybody tried to cook Burnt Ends using just the point?

    I would that the point, with its extra fat content, would be less likely to make good burnt ends. That is a guess, since I have not tried this.
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    Improved Chicken Skin: a first try

    Sounds good to me, although the jaccard I have is a little large for a chicken. My greatest concern right now, is the repeated heat and cold cycles and growing bacteria. I would like to find a way around some of that. Thanks.
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    Factory thermometer

    The factory thermometer on my 18.5" WSM is frequently different than the probe on by BBQ Guru. It was enough different that Ipoked around in there, as best I could, with a thermo of known very good accuracy. Evidently, it depends on where you measure, as much as what you use. I suppose that the...
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    Improved Chicken Skin: a first try

    First, I need to give credit where credit is due: some of this method comes from the way the Chinese treat duck carcases and the rest adapted from a chicken recipe in America's Test Kitchen. Most of us are familiar with the rubbery skin we get when chicken is slow smoke-cooked, around 225...
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    vacuum sealers?

    Over the years, I have had more than one vacuum sealer, most of which were FoodSaver brand. You should be aware that FoodSaver was an independent company some years ago and now is simply a division of Sunbeam, I believe. After Sunbeam acquired them, they changed a lot of stuff and my old vacuum...
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    Brisket Slicing Question (against the grain)

    Part of this is a nomenclature problem: some call it against the grain and others callit it across the grain. Across the grain is a little better terminology. This also implies that the cut is mostly straight up and down, with respect to the cutting board. You can also use a "bias" cut, which...
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    Smoked Chicken Skin Issues

    Will consider options. Thanks guys.
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    Smoked Chicken Skin Issues

    I tried a search, but didn't have any luck, so I'll try this. My wife and I like simple, smoke-cooked chicken. However, at 225 degrees, the skin come out a little rubbery. Has anyone tried browning the chicken in a convection oven before smoking? Here is what I am proposing" Loosen chicken...
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    By Way of Introduction

    Thanks, guys, for the welcomes. >>What is going on the WSM next? << Well, I really don't know. At my age and only two of us at home now, I can easily cook more than I can, or should, eat. We eat a lot of simple, smoked chicken from my Smokin-Tex 1400 because it is easy and quick. Guess I'll...
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    Cooking two Butts tonight and would like to bounce something off you all

    You might get slightly better smoke circulation by using both racks, but I doubt that it will make any difference.
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    By Way of Introduction

    After reading some of the introductions, I find that I am in need to do the same. After graduating from pharmacy school in 1968, I had my first real job, a home, and enough money to buy a charcoal grill. In those days, we called them barbeques. I bought a Weber 22.5" Weber kettle that very...