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  1. Thom Emery

    Question for barbecue judges

    Crackers get me back to the taste bud starting point and yes I eat the whole rib when its a 999
  2. Thom Emery

    2019 Smithfield Guinea Pig/Matt Dalton Memorial, Coachella CA, 2/16/19

    Love to judge at the GPig Good seeing you there
  3. Thom Emery

    The Golden State Battle, Cachuma Lake Santa Ynez CA, 1/26/19

    Sorry I missed this one Congratulations
  4. Thom Emery

    SOCal San Diego two WSMs and a Performer Gary is helping the family of a departed brother cook sell his cookers WSMs are 18s $100 each Maybe a discount if you take all three
  5. Thom Emery

    You can now call me Master

    Great to see you in the judges tent Saturday at Santa Anita
  6. Thom Emery

    SCA Steak and Taco Cook Off in San Diego Sept 2018 Going to be fun Judges class Ribeyes provided Added category is Tacos
  7. Thom Emery

    SCA Steak Cook Off comes to SoCal this weekend 10/13 in Orange Co

    Well that was fun! We are looking for contest more locations, if you have a idea please share
  8. Thom Emery

    SCA Steak Cook Off comes to SoCal this weekend 10/13 in Orange Co Steaks be cookin at the OC fairgrounds this Friday
  9. Thom Emery

    Our first small local comp

    Remember to have fun
  10. Thom Emery

    My first SCA Event

    Thinking about organizing one of these
  11. Thom Emery

    using wood on the WSM

    Franklins use of wood fuel in a off set pit is going to be difficult match in a WSM The air moves different in the two smokers That's why there are 10 smokers in the backyard here Oh and I am a sick puppy
  12. Thom Emery

    Screwed up? Enhanced meat! (WM)

    When I use Smithfield ET in competition I alter my injection by eliminating the salt And cook hot and fast
  13. Thom Emery

    Re: Chris Lilly

    Chris is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in BBQ
  14. Thom Emery

    Congratulations to TVWBB member Jerry Aguilar of Burnin' and Lootin' BBQ

    Jerry and Lupe are KILLERS on the BBQ tour!
  15. Thom Emery

    Winner's Circle Santa Anita 4/1/17

    See you guys there I am judging We are only cooking a couple contests in 2017 Big Prize $$ Oroville and one other not decided that one yet
  16. Thom Emery

    Making Trip to Franklin BBQ Next Week My experience there was delightful
  17. Thom Emery

    what is best time to wrap pork butts

    160 is when I wrap
  18. Thom Emery

    22.5 WSM cheap meat hang mod

    Good Idea Maybe create a double rack using this concept