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  1. Don Fry

    Hunsaker Vortex Plate for WSM Charcoal Ring

    I have the Vortex Basket that I use in my 18.5. Like Robert I have only used mine for higher heat applications. It makes some awesome ribs! That is actually why I bought mine so I could use my WSM like a drum smoker. For me personally if I want to do LNS, I’ll just use the regular charcoal ring...
  2. Don Fry

    WSM 22 Inch

    My experience is similar to Darren’s. I had problems with my 18.5 forever and could never get it to seal. Finally gave up on bending etc and bought a gasket kit. Cleaning off years of gunk was a major pain. Addition of the gaskets was a game changer. If it were me, I would put them on from the...
  3. Don Fry

    Lump or briquettes for Hunsaker Vortex

    Just ordered one a few minutes ago. Spoke to Ryan at Hunsaker's this morning and think this is going to be a good move. Guess it will give me a chance to answer my own question.
  4. Don Fry

    Lump or briquettes for Hunsaker Vortex

    I am considering getting the Hunsaker Vortex charcoal basket for my 18.5 WSM. My primary use will be to do hot and fast cooks for pork butts and brisket. For those who have experience with the Hunsaker basket will I be able to get and hold consistent 300 temps for 6-7 hours using KBB or lump? I...
  5. Don Fry

    Bringing the WSM up to temp with ATC

    I will admit that I have not given as much attention to my WSM as I used to since purchasing a Kamado Joe. I miss the better smoke flavor that I got from the WSM. However, I really want to use my PartyQ ATC with it. After climbing the learning curve with the KJ, I love the way the PartyQ...
  6. Don Fry

    Hanging meat in the WSM

    I have not be able to find a hanging rack for the 18 WSM. Been able to find some for the 22 WSM, but not the 18. Will try to call Weber direct on Monday. Anyone know of a place to order one online of have one you would want to sell?
  7. Don Fry

    Charcoal bins on performer

    I use a Kingsford caddy as well for briquettes. I use a lot of lump because of the kamado cookers and normally have one of two different bags open at a time for different applications. I store them all in my garage. My charcoal bins are where I put my charcoal baskets and several similar items...
  8. Don Fry

    Grilling Potatoes BB ribs

    I agree with your thoughts on Yukon Golds. I grill a lot of potatoes and they are definitely my "go to" variety. I like to cut them in thick or thin slices and use my Weber grill pan. A little oil an plenty of salt and pepper is all I use. Flip them when then release.
  9. Don Fry

    Now? Or wait?

    You might also consider Abt Electronics. I know it doesn't sound like the place to look for grills, but I bought my Summit from them a few years back. They run some pretty aggressive pricing from time to time if you catch them right. I was afraid of ordering a big gasser online, but it was...
  10. Don Fry

    Need help with leftover butts

    We vacuum seal leftovers in relatively small portions and they are one of our favorite ingredients for everything from pasta to quiche. Not a single piece goes to waste at our house.
  11. Don Fry

    How to use "used" charcoal

    Like others, I use my "used" charcoal mainly just in the kettles. I have used it in the WSM for ribs and similar short cooks, but for long cooks it's new charcoal only.
  12. Don Fry

    Clay Saucer With Pork Shoulder

    I use nothing but just a clay saucer covered with foil also. I rarely do more than a single pork butt at a time any more. When I do, I like to put an aluminum pie pan underneath to catch most of the grease.
  13. Don Fry

    Best smoked whole chicken?

    Not really enough to be concerned about. When I've done it I only have done single chickens using this method. IMO it's less work than cleaning up after using my rotisserie with a kettle. Try it. It will make you a believer.
  14. Don Fry

    Getting Maverick 733 today how do I manage the cables??

    On my kettles, I wrap the portion of the cable with foil that is going to be closed in the lip of the lid. I am more concerned with protecting the cables than having a tight seal. That said, I do very little low and slow with a kettle because of having other other smokers. One thing I have...
  15. Don Fry

    Advice on first Kettle...

    Sorry I am a little late coming to the party. All three are great cookers, but the Hibachi and UDS are pretty much single purpose cookers. Not that any of them are bad, but the kettle is like the adjustable wrench of grilling. OK, I am a little biased toward kettle grills but you can see by...
  16. Don Fry

    Performer - new vs. used, or should I?

    I agree with W Tyler on this. I have a pile of grills, but my go to grills are the Performers. I personally like the new ones better because they are a little taller, but my old style with the SS table cooks just as well. I use a regular grate on my newer Performer and CI on the older one...
  17. Don Fry

    How many of you have a charcoal grill? what makes you decide what to use?

    Like many others I use both for many of the same items but I have several items that I will only do on charcoal or only on gas. I do things that have a lot of grease only on charcoal such as bacon items, rib eye steaks, ribs, and brats. Things that are very delicate or dependent on consistent...
  18. Don Fry

    Re-light old coals, or start with all new every cook?

    I definitely reuse charcoal. Because some time passes between cooks on some of my grills I have gotten in the habit of putting the partially used into plastic colanders and shaking them to remove the loose ash and then cleaning out the grills. When I light the chimney the next time I use maybe...
  19. Don Fry

    Weber fire starter cube question

    I tried slightly burying a Weber starter cube in some unlit KBB in my WSM instead of externally starting some coals on another grill for a LNS cook. This is how I prefer to start my Akorn kamado so I wanted to try it in the WSM. I was not impressed. If you think the Minion method can be slow...
  20. Don Fry

    What to do with all my unused charcoal dust?

    I've tried a number of things others have suggested over the years because it seemed to be a waste to just toss it. After I ran out of holes in my yard and got tired of tracking it in the house from scattering it in different places, I just collect it, pour it is a trash bag, and put it in the...