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    WSM and BGE Owners

    I have had my WSM for about 5 years and I love the thing. I recently had to opportunity to purchase a BGE for a great deal. For those of you that own both, do you use them for different functions or do you find yourself favoring one over the other?
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    Montana Margaritas!

    This makes a gallon of Margaritas. Very good! 1 Liter of Tequila 1/2 liter of triple sec 1500 ml sweet & sour mix 350 ml orange juice (fresh squeezed is better) 250 ml Roses lime juice Pour over ice. Delicious!
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    July 4th Report...How did your Q do?

    I just took my 2 butts off. I could not get the temp to drop below 300. I check the temp and they were both 210 degrees at 2AM so I pulled them So much for my over night cook!
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    Fried Corn

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Bryan S: No recipe for tonights dinner just something I threw together. Went to the store lastnight with $4.00 in my pocket. Walking around looking for...
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    Connie Sue's Cauliflower Salad

    Ya'll, this is a dear departed friend of mine's recipe. I just made some tonight and when I tasted it, my eyes rolled back in my head. This one is worth trying! 1 head cauliflower 1/2 green pepper 1/2 red pepper 1 small red onion 4oz cheddar cheese 1/2 lb crisp cooked bacon, crumbled 3/4 cup...
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    Roasted whole onion

    Paula Deen has a good recipe called Friday Night Vidalias. She cored the center out of and onion and then put in one beef bullion cube and a Tblsp of butter. Wrapped it in foil and grilled it for 30-45 min. It is wonderful, but is a lot like eating french onion soup. Also, I use the low...
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    NY Style Pizza Dough

    Bryan: Crust was DELICIOUS! My jaws are aching it was so chewy! I loved it. It will be better when I get my scale. I had a hard time streching it without getting a hole. It ended up between 12-13 inches. This is a keeper. Thanks!
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    NY Style Pizza Dough

    Thanks, guys. I will check these out. I could not wait, though, I made the dough last night. It is in the fridge now. I am hunting down a screen now so I can have pizze this weekend!
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    NY Style Pizza Dough

    Yes, I saw that, but I am looking for one that is not in ounces.
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    NY Style Pizza Dough

    I am going to ask a stupid question here, What are the measurements for the recipe? Is there a cup measurment for the water and flower?
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    Feeding the homeless *****

    John: Your question made me think of time when I was on the road with the youth group growing up. These churches would feed us and I would think the concept would be similar, feed a crowd of 20-50 and do it on a budget. Just some random thoughts that came to mind: *Spaghetti (Of Course!) with...
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    BB vs. Spareribs... I'm torn... :-)

    Here's a though, why not do both and YOU be the judge!
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    Muffaletta Recipe. I need a good one!

    I am thinking of taking smoked chicken wings and a muffaletta to a SB party this weekend. I would love to have a killer Muffaletta recipe. Anyone have one they will share. Not crazy about Bobby Flay's.
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    Buying a pressure cooker *****

    Rita: I too, have heard of some complaints from this unit. Thank you so much for letting me know about the browning feature. I never use it, that must be why mine is still working! I have only had it a year with maybe 8-10 cooks on it. I bought is b/c of the ease of use. I have heard too...
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    Buying a pressure cooker *****

    I have a Russell Hobbs 8 quart electric pressure cooker and I love it. I love the set it and forget it appeal of these moder PC's. I love to cook green beans, country style ribs and pot roasts in there. I believe Cooks Essential is making the same one. My S-I-L got one off of QVC.
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    SJP Mod Complete

    JD, Very interesting. Question, hoe do you remove the ash from the pan? Do you shake it off or do you unbolt the pan from the bottom?
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    "URGENT" ... new forum?

    Ask Now, Ask How!
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    Smoked Salmon Dip

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Jeff S: This recipe is a must try if you like smoked salmon...or even it you don't! I made it for a Christmas Party and it was over the top! 2 8oz...
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    Smoking a Pre Cooked Ham

    Thanks guys. It is on there now. Any idea about how long it needs to be on there? It is about 7lbs. It has been on for 2 hours and I am due at a party in a little while.