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    Anyone know about dash cams?

    I have the Rove R2-4K like Chris. I am very satisfied with it.
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    No. 5 Sauce

    I have made probably 10 different sauces and have purchased who knows how many commercial sauces. No.5 is what my wive prefers. Basic recipe then after simmering I add 3 tablespoons of siracha.
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    The Humor Thread

    Yankee screwdriver. I still have a small and large one in the garage. i do not remember the last time I used it. got my first cordless drill in 1976. I know it was a Makita and best I remember 9 volts.
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    Thermometer wars

    I just ordered one $10.85 with the code. It was also a lighting deal that was $3.00 off.
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    Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Jay, I have one just like it. It does a good job. We do not use it a lot though.
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    WOW!!!! It's 70 degrees here

    New Smyrna Beach just south of Daytona Beach. I am 2 miles west of there.
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    For a domestic vodka try Western Son. I like it better than Tito's.
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    New to griddling

    Smash burgers, Fajitas, stir fry, Breakfast, quesadillas, beef and broccoli, patty melt, cheesesteaks, Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, Pastrami on rye, fried corn, lots of other things. Youtube is your friend.
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    Any old Timers still around?

    I am a newbie. Joined in 2014.
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    Using pickle juice in brine

    My wife uses it regularly. The chicken turns out very moist.
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    Commerical Rubs Question

    I always have Bad Byron's Butt Rub on the shelf. Use others but this is a staple for me.
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    Smash Burgers

    One restaurant we went to called a burger with an egg a sheriff's burger.
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    Low Country Boil Recipe Request

    This is what I do. Enough water to cover everything Add Two tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning per quart of water 3 to 4 small red potatoes per person 1/4 to 1/3 pound of kielbasa or smoked sausage per person, cut into 1/2 inch pieces 2 to 3 ½ Ears of corn on the cob per person 1/3 to 1/2 pound...
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    Help with iced tea debate

    I drink a glass of unsweetened iced tea every morning.
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    What's the price of gas where you live?

    I use diesel. It is $5.69 here.
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    Maybe, I just don't remember the name. We bought a lot of meat from the place. Was rather expensive but a good quality. The cowboy stakes were really good. We were there 2010 thru 2014. .
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    DD Stainless Steel Performer

    My DD Stainless Steel Performer was falling apart. The bottom horizontal welds had broken lose. The swivel caster had disintegrated. If you tried to move it the frame would just rack. I had it held together with tie wire. I did not try to restore it. I just wanted to make it functional again...
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    When I lived in Naples there was a small family owned butcher shop and deli. I forget the name of it. I think it was on Tamiami Trail.
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    Mayo to prevent sticking

    I have been using Mayonnaise on my grilled cheese for a few years. The way I like it best is mayo on the outside and butter on the inside of the bread. Browns real nice and you still have a nice butter flavor.
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    Utah > Salt Lake City: Pat's Barbecue

    We have eaten at several restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. We have found them to be hit and miss.