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  1. RogerS

    Quick small rib roast for CHRISTmas Day

    First time firing up a Weber in months...busy at work and winter here in southwest Michigan is not cooperating. Usually laid off by now and using the Webers. Merry CHRISTmas to everyone! No picture on the Performer but a plated. Small 4# from our side of beef
  2. RogerS

    Just a Quickie

    Looks Great Bill!
  3. RogerS

    Greetings from South Bend

    Welcome Buck! I'm not far from you 35 miles or so...SW Michigan, Decatur
  4. RogerS

    Burgers on new CI system

    James looks great!
  5. RogerS

    As promised, first cook on my WSM

    Nice yardbird and excellent cook!
  6. RogerS

    Tenderloin and Shrimp

    Bill another excellent cook! Well done
  7. RogerS


    I need to do ribs again. Nice cook Jim
  8. RogerS

    Santa Maria Ribeyes

    Ribeyes are my favorite well done Jim!
  9. RogerS

    Barbs first cook on TVWBB

    Man that looks great! Well done
  10. RogerS

    Cactus Brats

    Looks good Jim! So after eating Cactus do you pull out the needles from your lip with your long nosed pliers?
  11. RogerS

    Hello from Milwaukee WI

    Welcome Gary!
  12. RogerS

    Long time BBQer, first time WSM owner!

    Welcome sound like me. Had a Chargriller w side smoker box. It loved to eat charcoal and wood. Sold it for $20. The WSM really snuffs out the charcoal once your done with the cook and close the vents. I then use that charcoal on my Performer for meals. I,always use fresh on the WSM...
  13. RogerS

    Greetings from SoCal!

    Once it gets used a few times it will seal better. I use a full water pan filled with hot water from a tea pot for low n slows. Full bag of KingsFord Blue bag with a few chunks of wood (hickory, Apple, mesquite) depending on what I'm smoking. Around a 1/4 or so of chimney lit poured on top. I...
  14. RogerS

    Hello From Michigan

    Welcome Kristopher from a fellow Michigander!
  15. RogerS

    Greetings from Detroit

    Welcome Paul! You aren't from the Decatur area are you?
  16. RogerS

    Morel Egg McCorrell & rain play pics

    Bob excellent all the way around...well done!
  17. RogerS


    Nice pies!
  18. RogerS

    Happy Easter everyone!!! Ham

    Wow Jo excellent Ham!
  19. RogerS

    Chili Rellenos

    Bill looks awesome, I'll take a plate Bud! I have a few Founder's laying around. Did you enjoy the Brew?