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  1. Tommy B

    Four hour rule and injections?

    I have never heard that. If you are keeping the injected meat in the fridge below 40 degrees I think you would be fine. I have injected brisket/butts and left them in fridge for 12 hours before smoking.
  2. Tommy B

    Can someone explain this to me please?

    I have both a maverick 733 and a partyQ. I have noticed temp differences using both devices. I typically notice them at the start of the cook. sometimes 20-30 degrees off. As the cook goes along typically they get in sync and run pretty close to the same. Not sure why it does it. When I start...
  3. Tommy B

    San Francisco

    Ole Miss plays Cal at Berkley in 2018. I am planning on making the trip and visiting San Francisco. I have not made it to Northern California and look forward to it!
  4. Tommy B

    Weber Motherload!

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of your grandfather in law. He had some killer weber parts!
  5. Tommy B

    Recipe Request - Camping Coffee

    Thanks for the recommendations. After ready responses I came across an old stainless peculator at an old timers estate sale. for $2 I couldn't resist. I want to invest in a nice french press and or a chemex brewer for home.
  6. Tommy B

    Recipe Request - Camping Coffee

    For you campers/outdoors-men: How do you make your coffee in the great outdoors? What gear do you use and what is your technique? I am planning a trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park to tackle Guadalupe Peak (The tallest peak in Texas). The mountains are in the desert and wood AND charcoal...
  7. Tommy B

    Hot and Fast Ribs

    I have never cooked with orange wood. How would you describe the taste? As always great cook!
  8. Tommy B

    My First Competition

    Kemper, I live close by. What competition did you enter? Was it local? I have never competed but next time would be open to joining and help out where I could!
  9. Tommy B

    Mobile WSM??

    Great build. Is it annoying having to lift the middle/lid section through the table to access the bottom? I couldn't imagine lifting during a cook!
  10. Tommy B

    Kitchen Hacks, Tips & Tricks

    After using your cast iron cook skillet, wash, turn oven on low (200ish) and put cast iron in oven for a few minutes. It ensures the skillet is bone dry to avoid rust! I normally wash with water and every few times rub the skillet with oil before placing in oven.
  11. Tommy B

    What is TBS?

    So I use 3-4 fist size chunks for a long cook. I now bury all chunks. I always wait for white smoke to clear. Soooo..... my theory on white smoke ETC. Prior to minion method everyone said you have to wait until your charcoal is ashed over so it does not put off a bad taste. Everyone started...
  12. Tommy B

    Post your Pizza Setups!

    Did you preheat the stone? I broke one by putting a cold stone directly on a hot grill. I normally pre heat my pizza stone and cast iron wok in the oven before putting it on the grill.
  13. Tommy B

    Dry Brine?

    I like to trim and salt meat night before a cook. I normally rub day of cook.
  14. Tommy B

    Looking to switch to the new WSCG

    I am glad you like it. I had the opportunity to see one in person at a local hardware store and it seemed really nice. I have not been able to cook on one or see one in action yet.
  15. Tommy B

    Looking to switch to the new WSCG

    Tony after using it a few times do you feel it is worth the price?
  16. Tommy B

    Five KCBS Entries on One Mini WSM. . . A new world record?

    great article. The mini is an impressive machine!
  17. Tommy B

    2 Butts?

    Mark: Pork butts are a great thing to cook for a crowd. Honestly they are pretty hard to mess up. You should be able to fit two butts on one rack in an 18 or 22 WSM. good luck!
  18. Tommy B

    Beef Plate(?) Ribs

    My butcher calls them beef chuck ribs. Whatever you got looks great!
  19. Tommy B

    Lampe Smoke Day 12 Photos (30 of them)

    All in favor of changing the name "Smoke Day" to "Lampe Smoke Day" say I! Awesome cook and pictures Jim!