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    Charbroil carbon Steel grill/ pizza stone

    Can anybody tell me the thickness of the Charbroil carbon steel grill/ pizza stone?
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    Tri Tip on weber Q

    Thanks Rich, sorry it took so long to reply, Been in the mtns. and no internet. That is almost exactly how I did it. It came out fine. I only use the Q when camping so I'm not as familiar with it as I am my other smokers and BBQs.
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    Tri Tip on weber Q

    Joe,Thanks for the video, I will try it out. Probably next week or the week after. I will post the results.
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    Tri Tip on weber Q

    has any body ever done a tri tip on a weber Q. I f so whats the secret to not over cooking it?
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    Q 2000 Propane Hose Adapter suggestions

    If I recall correctly the new 2000's that come with a collapsible cart include the adapter hose.
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    26" kettle on Modesto Ca. Craigslist

    Not mine, if anyone is interested the guy is asking $250
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    Just a shot in the dark here, but have you tried adding the yeast after the first mixing and letting the dough rest covered for 20 mins or so, then adding the yeast to the dough and mixing till the dough clears the bowl. I have read somewhere that adding the salt too early inhibits the yeast...
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    Country style pork ribs ?

    As far as I know Yes
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    Looky what I found at Costco

    I would venture a guess it is probably Tomahawk Ribeye
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    How many own more than one WSM?

    Sorry, I forgot the New Braunsfel Bandera. So no more bad luck. Wife keeps bugging me to thin out the herd, but I just can't seem to get rid of things. All of the above were either Garage sale or Craigslist items except for the 2 UDS & the reverse flow. All of the kettles were $10.00 or less...
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    How many own more than one WSM?

    I have 4 22in kettles, 1 18 in kettle 1 18 WSM 1 22 WSM 1 22 UDS 1 14 UDs 1 18 Jumbo Joe & 1 14 jumbo joe and lastly but not least 120 gal reverse flow (home made from an Air Compressor) and a Q200. It's just the two of us at home. I think I might have a problem with either BBQ, hoarding, or...
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    Combined 22 wsm and 26 kettle

    Don't see why you could not to the same thing with a 18 WSM & 22 kettle. I may give that a try some day
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    I want to smoke some pastrami, need help.

    Just a heads up. Costco has snake river farms corned beef for $7.99 lb
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    Camp Brisket 2020 Trip Report

    Wow Thanks Chris, great article with some eye opening facts. Got my mouth watering
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    Hello from Modesto

    Hi all, just joined here, been hanging out at BBQ brethren for a couple of yrs. I think I may have a problem with pits, I own 13 of them. WSM 22.5, several (5) kettles, a reverse flow made from a AC tank, barrel smoker made with a wood burning stove, a cold smoker made from a beer keg,A...