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    Texas > Austin: The Salt Lick (Driftwood Location)

    First time I ever heard of the place was in the original "Road Food" guide from the '70s! Went there and met the original owner a nd his wife who was from Hawaii(i think). It was REALLY out in the country and hard to find in 1979 believe me.
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    Japanese knives from Lee Valley

    I,too have been bitten by the Japanese knife bug! It's amazing how sharp one can get a knife and I have the scars to prove it! Chefknivestogo is a great site. I have bought several items from the guy Mark Richman. There are also a lot of videos about sharpening Japanese knives there and on...
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    Good price on kitchen knives?

    Saw this ad at Have no idea about the quality of the knives but the price seems good. If anyone buys them,let us know how they are. Thanks. Pat Barnes
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    Mk Evenson, "I may have too many knives" You cannot be serious? lol At least there wa an element of uncertainty in your response.
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    Gourmet System wok

    Thanks for the feedback,guys. It will be a couple of weeks before I can experiment wit the wok. I want to try different ways to heat it. I'd like to find/buold something similar to the perforated ring that contains the coals in the WSM. I would like it to be about the circumfrence of the hole in...
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    Gourmet System wok

    Finally got around to ttaking the wok out for it's maiden voyage. I used the briquette baskets but fired a small chimney full of lump for heat. Let hte wok heat for the 10-15 minutes called for. Did chicken thighs and veggies first time so if it didn't turn out I wouldn't be out that much since...
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    Book: Weber's Time to Grill: Get In. Get Out. Get Grilling.

    Mine came the day before I left town for a fourdayer. I like the idea of simpl and somewhat more complex on opposing pages with similar ingredients.
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    For The Pork Butt Smoker Who Has Everything

    WOW! Power tools,shiny gadgets and pulled pork! Wonderful. LOL
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    Weber Gourmet System

    Does anyone(Chris?) think we should have a separate thread for the new system? I got the grill and wok for Xmas and STILL haven't used it! Suitably embarrassed. I would like to see others experiences with the system. Don't know how many members have part/all of it though so it may be too soon...
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    Weber's Gourmet System out of the box

    Merry Christmas to all! My daughter got me the Gourmet grille and wok for Xmas. Jsut opened it about an hour ago. Seems real nice. Any special recipes out there for usung it? I do wok cooking in the house so I guess it's about the same. Any tips and do's and don't for this thing? It will be nice...
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    Weber Gourmet Grilling System

    Thanks for the feedback,Allan. I agree that the wok is on the small side. I never saw one of the old Weber woks. My daughter lives in Houston,Tx. and couldn't find one there! Don't know if they still make them or not. Considering the short cooking time for stir-fry is it worth the time to get...
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    Weber Gourmet Grilling System

    Got an email offer for no shipping on this "new" system. Anyone have any experience with it? I did a search and got on hits. Only one I might want is the wok. A cast iron skillet works as a grill pan for me.Thanks for any help.
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    Looking for books

    Colin Have you looked into the Weber books by Jamie Proviance? I really like them as they are writtne for the Weber products.
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    Reynold's Handi-Vac

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess we'll try the Zip-Loc pump. Really liked the Reynold's,especially for the ability to open and reseal easity. greta for things like cheese and sliced lunchmeats.
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    Best source for All Clad cookware?

    Missed this thread when it started. Chris, Unless you are stuck on All-Clad take a look at this line of cookware: It's from Cisinart and I think it was developed to compete with A-C. We ahve several pieces bopught at Amazon on sale and love...
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    Reynold's Handi-Vac

    Has been discontinued by the company. Didn't generate enough revenue to last. We really liked it. Sad. Anyone have any experience with the Zip-Loc hand pump version?
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    Good deal at Lowe's

    Picked up the Weber C/brush combo for $3.99 at my local store. MSRP was marked $14.99. Don't know if it's at all stores or not.
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    Who makes the BEST knives?

    Chuck, Ask for recommendations form the school? They may have a preffered set that you could get at a reduced price.
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    Do you serve brisket with sauce?

    Bill S., "Cheat" and use Stubb's if you can get it. Perfect for brisket. My bro-in-law does good brisket but is partial to Kraft Honey Mesquite and KC Masterpeice sauce. Ice cream topping if you ask me!LOL
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    Brisket Rub

    Thanks Larry, Loks about the right amount. I have ahd times taht I mixed up a rub an ddidn't have enough!GRR.