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  1. Mike Coffman

    Smoked Cajun Chicken on the WSM

    Thanks Cliff! Yes it sure is. I have two of these large ones and 2 of the smaller ones. They work great!
  2. Mike Coffman

    Smoked Cajun Chicken on the WSM

    I brined 2 split chicken breasts and 2 leg quarters for about 5 hours in Oakridge BBQ Game Changer. Chicken was rinsed, dried off and then seasoned with a mildly hot Cajun Spice mix that I found on All Recipes. I put the chicken back into the refrigerator, uncovered, for the next 3 hours to...
  3. Mike Coffman

    Fried Chicken Thighs

    Awesome looking fried chicken John! I have yet to try this but I am going to do it soon!
  4. Mike Coffman

    3 lb. Rib-eye for our Anniversary

    That looks absolutely delicious Bob! Happy Anniversary to both of you!
  5. Mike Coffman

    Roasted Corn Ceviche

    Fantastic dish and photos as always Bill!
  6. Mike Coffman

    Pepper Stout Beef

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. :) John - the BBQ sauce is store bought from a local farmer. It is called Notch BBQ sauce. Really good!
  7. Mike Coffman

    Oh my, Rib-eye Pie

    That pizza looks mouthwatering good Bob!
  8. Mike Coffman


    Everything looks fantastic Mr. Lampe!
  9. Mike Coffman

    Pepper Stout Beef

    This is my version of Larry Wolfe’s Pepper Stout Beef. The players for today’s cook. I seasoned the chuck roast last night with Top Secret #2 (a rub a friend of mine makes) and Montreal Steak seasoning. I will hit it with a little more pepper and salt when I get ready to put it on the grill...
  10. Mike Coffman

    Sunday Pork Butt

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. :) Clifford S: The Sweet Heat is great on pork and chicken. Give it a try and I think you will agree.
  11. Mike Coffman

    Bumblebee Rotisserie

    Bird looks real tasty! Awesome way to break in that new roto!
  12. Mike Coffman

    Turkey Lollipops and Chicken halves.

    Excellent looking cook Dwain!
  13. Mike Coffman

    Chicken Mole

    Picture perfect cooking Bill! Mouthwatering delicious!
  14. Mike Coffman

    Large Pieces of Pig Meat

    Fantastic CSR's and sides Jim!
  15. Mike Coffman

    Sunday Pork Butt

    A 6 pound pork butt seasoned with Smokin Guns Sweet Heat. After 2 hours in the 22.5 WSM, using hickory, apple and a full water pan. Temperature is holding steady at 235. 11 hours later, after a 1 hour rest, it was pulled. I did wrap it at 180 as we were getting hungry and it...
  16. Mike Coffman

    Saturday Brisket on my New Toy

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. :)
  17. Mike Coffman

    CI bacon, mushroom burgers!

    Now those are some delicious looking burgers Morgan!
  18. Mike Coffman

    Lamb Sausages and Lemon Peper Chicken Lollipops

    Looks delicious John and that plated shot is great!
  19. Mike Coffman

    Top sirloin and thank you Bill!!

    Awesome looking cooking Morgan!
  20. Mike Coffman

    Chicken and Fatties! First Cook on the New 22.5 WSM!

    Everything looks absolutely delicious! Great way to break in that new WSM!