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  1. MLiebler

    I saw Weber came out with a griddle. Anyone planning on purchasing?

    Saw one at ACE while I was buying new burners for my gasser today. I had saw that guys review beforehand so I was a little biased looking at it. It looks like they took the side trays from a silver models, shrunk and slapped them on this thing. Other than that I don't know what he was...
  2. MLiebler

    New Weber accessory

    I think they’re about 10 years late on this one. Weber Heat Controller
  3. MLiebler

    Late entry with the Charbroil Big Easy

    Used this for the first time today at the in-laws. Fresh Market turkey brined 24 hrs, dried out overnight, butter creole injected, and finally butter herb rubbed before I shoved the 20lb bird into cooker. 4 hrs later I got the best turkey in my life. Will definitely do this again.
  4. MLiebler

    Afterburner Aftermarket Infrared Burner for Genesis II, so far it's HOT!

    I wonder if they have one for the east/west burners? Thanks for the the video. Those burgers looked great will be on the lookout for them on the next costco run.
  5. MLiebler

    You’re not going to believe this one...

    Yeah I have NG lines on both sides of the house. We're talking about 50-60 ft from the meter through a crawlspace between the basement/main floor. There was a house that blew up last year from NG so I think the city (CLT) inspectors are cracking down which might explain the higher price, but...
  6. MLiebler

    You’re not going to believe this one...

    A little bit of a downside, the grill is natural gas. Just got a quote for $2,300 to run a line. Might have to convert it to LP if I can't find a better quote.
  7. MLiebler

    Limited Edition Glen Blue Weber 26 in. charcoal grill $700

    He should have left it in the box and waited about 20 years for that price.
  8. MLiebler

    You’re not going to believe this one...

    LOL - well I'm glad you didn't! I don't think there are a lot of members here in CLT but you never know!
  9. MLiebler

    Just thought I would post this in case

    That's crazy, never thought I'd see one completely rusted out like that. He must have used it as a saltwater aquarium.....
  10. MLiebler

    You’re not going to believe this one...

    Tim - you may be right. I think he priced it based on the restored redhead that was listed for a couple of weeks before it sold. Also it wasn't his FB account, when I reached out via messenger she said to call the guy and gave me his number. Well I txt'd him and I didn't get a response...
  11. MLiebler

    You’re not going to believe this one...

    So I’ve been on searching online for a 1st gen frame for the past month as I was wanted to restore a genesis 3000 redhead (for myself). I came across a listing on FB marketplace for the exact same model and I was like damn that’s a really good restore job. The guy was asking $250 so I decided...
  12. MLiebler

    Scraper for Kettle Grunge

    This. I've been using shims for years. They get better the more you use them.
  13. MLiebler

    I will just leave this here

    Wow, just had a childhood flashback to charred raw chicken and blackened hamburger briquets. I need a therapist.
  14. MLiebler

    What is the worst looking "free" grill you still took?

    This is like asking what was the ugliest girl you ever picked up from a bar at 2am, somethings are just best left unsaid.
  15. MLiebler

    I will just leave this here

    Found another living Neanderthal: GrillMaster with side burner
  16. MLiebler

    Does anyone need Genesis Gold C parts?

    Interested in the manifold and side burner (I have the wire bottom).
  17. MLiebler

    Advice Needed - Genesis 3 circa 88-89

    Thanks Bruce, I watched that last night. The leg looks like it stepped on a landmine. I measured the sidetable space on the gold and am pretty sure the burner will fit, but the manifold on the gold doesn’t have a connection for it. Does anyone know what the part number for it would be?
  18. MLiebler

    Advice Needed - Genesis 3 circa 88-89

    Just picked up a redhead version of this yesterday. This model came with the side-burner. The frame on the left side is in real bad shape, one leg is partially rusted but still (slightly) load bearing, the cross-beam where you connect the firebox is completely disintegrated, swing table is...