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  1. Steve Porter

    Hanging on the WSM

    Looks great! Does the 30 gallon kit fit the 18.5" WSM? I may have to try this as I've been thinking about a hanger kit for my WSM for a couple years now.
  2. Steve Porter

    I picked up two Genesis 1000s from

    Hey everybody, my wife would like SS cooking grates for her Genesis 1000 LX, does anyone know if they are available and where I could get one?
  3. Steve Porter

    Dust off your old bread machine...

    I tried the recipe yesterday and it turned out great. We are very happy with the texture and taste. In fact, we decided to try it again today only this time we're adding cheese. We love fresh baked bread and this recipe is really simple and easy to use. Thanks for posting it!
  4. Steve Porter


    The 26er makes a great roti grill. I've been able to fit 2 turkeys 14lbs each on my roti and feed a crowd on Big Bird Day. I also like Cajun Bandit products a lot and have their rotisserie for my 26.75 Mini Ranch and my 18.5" Jumbo Joe. The big one for the crowds and the smaller one for just the...
  5. Steve Porter

    Cold-weather issues

    Keeping the wind at bay is the key to your cooking issue. Protect your WSM from the wind either by wrapping it or building some kind of wind blocker around it, or do like I do and move your WSM to an area where your garage or house shields it from the wind. I have my smoker sitting on a wheeled...
  6. Steve Porter

    How to keep smoker temp up in colder weather?

    The wind is the enemy when smoking meat. I've smoked pork butt and brisket successfully in very cold temps, even down to 10 below! But I kept it out of the wind, I keep my WSM on a large wheeled plant stand that I picked up at a large box store. I'm able to wheel my WSM around to different sides...
  7. Steve Porter

    WSM Cover

    I must have been lucky, my 18.5 WSM came with a cover which seems to be water/snow proof. The WSM sits out on our deck year around exposed to whatever nature throws at it, and the cover has done a great job keeping water out and no mold forming. The cover is the original that Weber supplied with...
  8. Steve Porter

    Smaller charcoal basket to reduce partial burnt briquettes?

    I always end up with partial leftovers too, don't know but it may be unavoidable. I also shut all the vents when done cooking, it only makes sense. I leave the partial pieces in my grill till next time, then a load a few new briquettes into my chimney starter, then the used partial briquettes...
  9. Steve Porter

    Member Tutorial - Which WSM and Why?

    There's no doubt the 18.5" WSM is the best size for my needs. Easy to use, move, and easy on the charcoal, and I can smoke for a large crowd when needed. I do 60 to 80lbs of pork butt at a time and vacuum seal 2lb packages for use later. The 2lb packages also make great gifts and those who have...
  10. Steve Porter

    Rusty old WSM 18.5...Worth the hassle?

    Tom's correct, there are too many used WSMs out there in good shape at a good price to spend much on this one. If you can get it for free or nearly for free then it may be worthwhile as a restoration project.
  11. Steve Porter

    Rotisserie for a Weber OTG

    We're very happy with our Cajun Bandits! We have one for our 18.5" Jumbo Joe and one for our 26.75" Kettle. Jumbo Joe for just my wife and I and maybe a couple friends, 26.75" for the big crowds, I've done 2-14lb turkeys at same time on the 26.75".
  12. Steve Porter

    Steven Raichlen personal grills and smokers

    I've always said that working as part of his filming crew would have to be one of the best jobs out there. He always makes a lot of whatever he is showing, much more than he could possibly eat all by himself, I'm sure once the lights and cameras are turned off it's time to eat!
  13. Steve Porter

    Q: What amount of turkey can make a person turn down chicken wings on the OTG?

    Big bird or little bird, it doesn't matter to me, I look forward to them both anytime of the year!
  14. Steve Porter


    I smoke more in the winter than I do in the summer! I also prefer overnight smoking to during day time. Overnight allows me to finish up while it's light out whereas if I start in the morning I always end up finishing in the dark. I've smoked in minus 10 temps. As it's already been stated, the...
  15. Steve Porter

    Brisket weirdness

    Well, obviously the meat was ok to eat since you're able to tell us about it. But what you are saying about meat taking a while to get from being a cow to being put into a meat display case only means it's even older than I would think it was! I guess thinking about it the key is the packaging...
  16. Steve Porter

    Whole clod won't fit on WSM

    I saw a youtube video recently where a large brisket was smoked on the 18.5 WSM. The top cooking grate was put in at an angle and the bottom end of it rested just a few inches in from the edge on the bottom grate. The brisket then sat at the same angle on the tipped grate and it looked like it...
  17. Steve Porter

    Brisket weirdness

    I'm really having a hard time with the idea that 3 month old brisket had not spoiled? I realize that the larger the chunk of beef the longer it lasts without having to freeze it, but 3 months seems like a long time to me. Is it really realistic to think 3 month old fresh beef is still ok to consume?
  18. Steve Porter

    Let's see those birds!!

    We did a 13lb bird on the rotisserie, I pulled it at 168 degrees and foiled it and left it sit on the counter for 2.5 hours. It was still hot when I carved it up.
  19. Steve Porter

    Fitting brisket and wood on wsm and timing

    I saw an interesting video recently on how to fit a large brisket on the 18.5 WSM. The top rack was tipped down and resting at an angle on the bottom rack, with the brisket also at an angle on the top rack. It looked like it worked great and was a good idea that I plan on trying with the next...
  20. Steve Porter

    Cool Beans!

    Believe it or not, I hear that saying quite often from a co-worker.