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    Mod for a short 22" Performer

    I don't want to put in on a hitch carrier. You have to unload it to open the tail gate. I want to roll it into the bed which has a cap on it and the max height to get under hinges is 34". I wanted to know if anyone has recently assembled a basic Performer and could tell me whether I can cut...
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    Mod for a short 22" Performer

    Is there a mod to build a short 22" kettle grill? I want to shorten one so it will fit in my bed of my truck with a cab high topper. I'm open to cutting legs down on a new Performer if that's the only option and it will work. Any ideas...
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    Totally Unscientific Observation of the new Kingsford Charcoal if it is the New One

    Perhaps some sawdust or powered limestone was replaced with wood char.
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    Yes, these fries were cooked in BRISKET FAT

    Didn't McDonald's cook their fries in beef tallow up until the 80's or sometime around them? Isn't that why they were so much better back then?
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    WiFi Stoker Kit Automatic Temperature Control System

    Not familiar with the iPhone app, but for over-nighters I run StokerLog and set the alarm with the PC volume turned up loud enough that it will wake me up. Don't recall it happening though, maybe once.
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    could use some advice

    Try lump charcoal, like Royal Oak or since you're in CA maybe you can find Maple Leaf or some other lump made from sugar maple. Lump doesn't give off as nasty a smoke as K when using Minion. I don't use the all natural briquettes, but maybe someone can comment on that.
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    I got a hambone left over....

    I vote for the bean soup, though I love some pintos too. Here's our bean soup recipe, simple... 2 medium onions, diced 2 carrots, diced 1 pound northern beans, soaked overnight, drained 1 ham bone w/ham pieces salt & pepper to taste Fill large pot with 4 qts water Put in ham bone, ham pieces...
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    Stoker to Hotspot?

    A wifi stoker will connect to it, but I'm not familiar with a jetpack to know whether it allows wifi clients to connect to each other.
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    Smokey, char-grilled flavor. Why is it missing from my burgers?

    Post pictures of your next cook to give us an idea about what the starting and ending product is. Maybe someone can spot something that might trigger a suggestion.
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    Smokewood + Leaves?

    In my opinion, smoke from burning hardwood is pleasant, but smoke from leaves stink. I guess it's kind of like a cigar, which are leaves. Some people like it, some don't. Not in food for sure.
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    Wet brine vs. dry brine

    Thanks Chris. I saw the Salted Turkey links but didn't realize it was the same as dry brining.
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    Wet brine vs. dry brine

    Can't find much info on difference between the two methods. Anyone have any?
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    Anyone cook heritage turkeys?

    My mammoth bronze is dressed and sitting in the chiller at the farm. Picking it up Monday.
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    DiqiQ on batteries

    Could use something like this...Stanley 450-Amp Portable Power Station
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    Unidentified Charcoal Substance-Frontier Lump Charcoal

    It's probably baked mud/dirt that got scooped up with the un-charred wood and cooked in the retort.
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    Ash problem

    You could try using a good lump charcoal. It produces very little ash and you don't have to knock the ash off the coals.
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    Anyone cook heritage turkeys?

    They sell a lot of different products there. I love the bone-in rib chops (pork rib eye steak). All their pork is Berkshire. It's not the other white meat. They also have bacon, 3-4 lb pork butts, ribs, pork sausage, Dorper lamb, rabbit, Contentnea Red and Cornish chicken, and pork seasoning...
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    Anyone cook heritage turkeys?

    I ordered a fresh broad breasted bronze for Thanksgiving. Will pick it up at the farm a couple days before. Lots of farms raising them. If it's not against the rules, I'd like to give a plug for Rainbow Meadows Farms in Snow Hill, NC. I buy Berkshire pork from them as well. Never cooked a...
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    Which Automatc Temp Control should I Buy?

    I agree that seeing a graph of the food and pit temps for the entire cook does add perspective, but being able leave the house, check and control the smoker temp/ATC is a new freedom. Smoking ribs, pork butt or brisket no longer means staying at the house all day. I know that Neil was kidding...
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    direct grilling temp-steaks-pork chops

    If you can cook without gauntlet gloves and not get burned, it's not hot enough. Not to sear anyway, which is what I do for steaks and chops. Then after seasoning and resting a bit, finish at around 350 indirect. Everyone has their own method. I actually prefer 1/2" chops over thicker ones...