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  1. Jerry N.

    Franklin Turkey Breasts

    The turkey breast turned out pretty good. A few people thought there was too much pepper but everyone said they were the least dry I’ve ever done. Typical of our group, no one, not even me thought they were good, let alone great. That includes me. I did think they were the best I’ve ever...
  2. Jerry N.

    Franklin Turkey Breasts

    In the spirit of doing something different, I’m going to do the Franklin Barbecue turkey breast this year. I found a natural (but frozen) bone in turkey breast. I’ll butcher that today and get it ready for the cook tomorrow. This whole turkey thing is crazy. No one in the family likes it and...
  3. Jerry N.

    ✡️ Rosh Hashanah 2023 ✡️ - it’s about to get real

    Especially when you’re giving them something “of yourself”, versus money. I’d be proud and happy to have my food requested.
  4. Jerry N.

    WSM Initial Temp Spikes

    One thing that I do when cooking for a group is make sure I add in plenty of rest time. Plan to have the butts done 2-4 hours before you want to pull/serve. Then rest them in a cooler. They will stay hot easily for 4 hours. That gives you cushion if the cook runs long. Personally, I’d cook...
  5. Jerry N.

    WSM Initial Temp Spikes

    I don’t think your method is the problem. I think it’s how long you “just let it go”. I’ve done it that way and once the lighter cube is done and I’m sure there’s a good start, I put the meat on and go. I wouldn’t reduce the total number of coals, just don’t let the fire get going too far...
  6. Jerry N.

    WSM Initial Temp Spikes

    I add the meat right away. I’ve not had the issue of a early temp spike, but I’d still add it right away. When I do a cook, I don’t have an initial temp spike. I get the charcoal going and put the meat on. The temp is quite low because the fire is just starting. Then, I control the temps on...
  7. Jerry N.

    Help with buying a rotisserie.

    Which rotisserie do you have for your e320? My main use would be to do rotisserie chicken.
  8. Jerry N.

    Help with buying a rotisserie.

    Definitely planning on a chicken but I also wondered how ribs would turn out.
  9. Jerry N.

    Help with buying a rotisserie.

    I have a Genesis S320. I searched on the Weber site at it looks like it’s a 2007-2010 model (model # 3780001). I’m looking to get a rotisserie for it and have two questions. Mainly I’m just trying to make sure a get one that fits (with no modifications). The Weber site directed me to...
  10. Jerry N.

    Vacuum food saver

    Costco has a Foodsaver on sale right now for $75. For that kind of money you can’t go wrong. If you don’t like it, Costco will take it back. I have that unit and like it. I’m sure there are better/nicer/whatever units out there but it does the job and frankly, I don’t use it enough to worry...
  11. Jerry N.

    4th of July menu

    Simple here too. Prime ribeye steak from Costco with vegetables and a salad. Broccoli and cauliflower for the vegetables. On the salad, I started making my own dressing. Tonight was honey mustard. Not cheaper than buying it pre made, but better ingredients. Objective met - I’m full :D
  12. Jerry N.

    What’s the deal with charcoal in 2023??

    Here’s a review/comparison. Not as good as Chris would do but might put your mind at ease.
  13. Jerry N.

    What’s the deal with charcoal in 2023??

    Very rare for a charcoal to be so bad as to be unusable. If it’s a good price, that’s the time to try it. Opinions will vary, but yours is the one that matters for you. As to the original question, I don’t bbq enough anymore to worry about price but I always try to grab something I like on...
  14. Jerry N.

    Has anyone tried high temp paint for scratches or chips?

    Agree. Nothing I see will affect the functionality of that WSM. Just keep it coated so it doesn’t rust. It will last a good long time. And, who knows, maybe you will come across a lid some day.
  15. Jerry N.

    25th Anniversary of The Virtual Weber Bullet website

    Joined Dec 7, 2003 So, I will have been with this site 20 years this December. I’ve enjoyed this site immensely throughout that time. I’ve cooked some great food during that time all thanks to Chris and the members on this site. Our family knew little about BBQ when I started and now we all...
  16. Jerry N.

    Michigan > Livonia: Bad Brads

    This restaurant just opened. I think there is at least one other Bad Brads in Michigan but I have not eaten at any of the others. The Livonia site was very good but on the high end as far as pricing. Still, we ordered it for a family get together and everyone enjoyed it. It’s similar to...
  17. Jerry N.

    Michigan > New Hudson: Kensington Grill and Bar

    Unfortunately, the owner closed down. No longer operating.
  18. Jerry N.

    Ribs on the Grill in roughly 1 hour

    Interesting thread. My daughters got me some meat from ButcherBox for Christmas. One of the meats was a small rack of BB ribs. Looks like a good time to give a new method a try.
  19. Jerry N.

    Corned Beef for St Paddy’s Day

    The cook and dinner went well. Doing the meat yesterday worked out great. Pulling everything together today was pretty easy. Food tasted great and we‘re all sitting around full talking. All is well.
  20. Jerry N.

    Idea for Soaking Grates

    No pictures going in. Plus, they’re not that bad because I only clean my smoker grates. But, even with those, it works best (for me) to hit them with the Scotch Brite green pad after they’ve soaked for an hour or so. Then, a longer soak and finish with more of the green scrub pad. Mine look...