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  1. Dustin Flavell

    Smoke-Grey - 26" Mastertouch

    Yeah this makes me happy. Been in the market to replace the cooking grate on my older 26. With this I have the option to use the cooking accessories from the summit charcoal.
  2. Dustin Flavell

    Kettle Ranch. Not mine.

    That’s a really good price! Has the more modern larger flip up style cooking grate and the slow and sear ranch charcoal baskets that are now discontinued and ran almost 300 bucks a piece. If I was closer I would buy it for those and the grate alone and sell my current ranch.
  3. Dustin Flavell

    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    Just an update on B&B customer service. I did receive a replacement bag today. Opened it up and near as I can tell it is clean. At least they made it right I guess. Not sure I will continue to buy this brand since it was my first try with it. Finish what I bought and try something different...
  4. Dustin Flavell

    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    Actually I didn’t expect I would get a response at all.
  5. Dustin Flavell

    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    So just an update. I did reach out to duraflame on Monday and got a holiday message, but a response early today: Hello, Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know of your dissatisfaction. As always, we hate to disappoint our customers. It is not typical for ANY foreign materials to...
  6. Dustin Flavell

    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    Yeah it was perfectly centered in the briquette both ways. I did a burn test on the twine. It burned pretty quick and tried to ball up when I pulled the heat, but didn’t. Kind of like burning the end of poly rope so it doesn’t come apart. I blew it out when it hit the briquette and it sort of...
  7. Dustin Flavell

    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    That is a coincidence! Guess quality control went out the door a while ago. For what we are paying for charcoal these days I would expect not to find trash or filler in these products. I used to complain about rocks in my lump. At least you can catch those and if you don’t it won’t ruin your...
  8. Dustin Flavell

    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    Guess I should have just stayed with KBB. After 30 years of using KBB decided to try the B&B charcoal. Did a brisket yesterday and was pleased with the results. Decided to cook a single rack of pork ribs today using the B&B. When I added the charcoal to the summit 2 briquets were attached to a...
  9. Dustin Flavell

    B&B sale at Wally online

    My BIL swears by it and I’ve Been wanting to try it. Good price so I had 4 bags shipped. Received yesterday and will try it out today
  10. Dustin Flavell

    Good Containers to store Charcoal/Pellets/Wood Chunks. What do you use?

    So I use the kingsford for both charcoal and wood chucks. I like them because they stack. If I would have taken this picture yesterday I would have had those kingsford containers stacked next to the shelf but moved them away to add electric to my shed. I am also in the camp of using kitty...
  11. Dustin Flavell

    Ranch Kettle (not mine)- $500

    Agreed. If it’s in the shape of the only picture. I’d buy it just for the cooking and charcoal grates since mine is the old style cooking grates…sides barely open. Got my ranch in 2015 for 275 used, you know when a new ranch was 1300 bucks. That’s a good buy.
  12. Dustin Flavell

    Rod length for 26 kettle rotisserie

    Mine is the CAjun Bandit and the rod length is 36” not counting the handle. Handle is 5”
  13. Dustin Flavell

    I've seen it all now.....

    Yeah @Brian Moriarty nice see you on the site again. To this day you have the best mini ranch! Flathead redhead in a ranch frame. How’s the Wallen treating you?
  14. Dustin Flavell

    I've seen it all now.....

    Interesting concept. Cooking space would be nice but those ss performer carts are a little low. I had my 18” WSM in one for awhile but it was a bit of a pain…
  15. Dustin Flavell

    Smokey Joe Platinum issues

    I have had mine since 2002 and cooked a lot of meals on it in the woods. Still use it to this day as it is a little deeper and the dome is a little taller than the current JJ. Heat as always been a bit of an issue with this cooker due to the location and size of the vents. What I do to get the...
  16. Dustin Flavell

    For CAT lovers

    Looks like the ability to edit/delete is limited to 8 hours.
  17. Dustin Flavell

    Found this at Costco today

    I am going to have to try that!
  18. Dustin Flavell

    Does Target still do Kettle sales end of season? Or other retailers?

    Never had much luck beyond target for clearance. Years ago I got a jumbo half price. I was at Target last weekend school shopping and noticed the outdoor home and bbq section is getting thin and likely to be depleted for fall and Christmas items. It goes quick, but I got my eye on a traveler in...
  19. Dustin Flavell

    For traveling - Smoky Joe or Go Anywhere?

    I’ve have/had all 3 the jumbo, Smokey and the GA charcoal. My preference has always been the jumbo and still is for room and the ability to off set coals and cook small meals indirect. With that said if space is an issue the GA charcoal is nicer as IMO it is a more efficient design for space and...
  20. Dustin Flavell

    From the "Thanks, But No Thanks" Dept: Beercoal is back

    Thanks for the link. Yeah no items available for the beercoal. Looked locally in town today, but no luck. I’ll keep my eyes out and check the link to see if something changes.