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    Lifelong Weber Girl!

    Welcome to the TVWBB family Susan!
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    Cooking with fire, Part 3

    Dang! Looks Good!
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    Kids Away

    Looks tasty. . . Almost tempts me to start lobbying the Mrs. for a SmokeFire!
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    Pollo Asado Tacos

    Great looking cook. Homemade tortillas and salsa for the win!
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    Dork Dad(s) for the win!
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    Looks like a good meal. I haven't made any beef short ribs in far too long. Maybe I'll go on a hunt today and see if I can find some to smoke up for the holiday.
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    Ribs and Rain and Hail, Oh My!

    True. I'm just glad the hail wasn't too large and didn't last too long!
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    Ribs and Rain and Hail, Oh My!

    Definitely a win. . . Though I did catch a little flack for not having any leftovers to share with a buddy from church. But apparently my 8 year old is in a growth spurt, he just about ate a half-rack on his own before I cut him off (in favor of a more balanced, or at least not all meat)...
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    Ribs and Rain and Hail, Oh My!

    Ok, so maybe the title is a little exaggerated, but it does accurately describe my smoke day... The day started off well enough. I trimmed and prepped my two slabs of spareribs and got them on the smoker (with the rib tips on the lower grate). A couple hours later, the ribs were...
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    What is everyone planning to cook for Smoke Day 19?

    I just picked up a couple racks of spare ribs for Saturday's Festivities! Will be my first smoke day observance in far too long. Looking forward to it!
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    Kick’n some chicken and asparagus too

    Looks amazing! I just had lunch and you're making me hungry again!
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    Bark improvement

    I've never done that, but it sounds interesting. I usually don't wrap my butts, mostly because I'm too lazy to deal with taking them off to wrap and since I usually cook them overnight for lunch or dinner the next day there isn't much of an advantage from a timing standpoint. Plus, since the...
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    Upcoming Big Cook

    Joe - Yeah, I've already thought about maintaining temp. I plan on letting the WSM come to a higher temp before loading it down with meat. I figure this will help offset how adding such a large mass of relatively cold meat will lower the overall temp in the cook chamber. I don't really think I...
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    Beef Short Ribs

    Loving the look of this those ribs! Haven't had a good slab of short ribs in too long!
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    Upcoming Big Cook

    So... I've been asked to prepare some pulled pork for a church function in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to it. I still don't know how much I'll be cooking (depends on how many people RVSP to the function), but I'm not the only one cooking so thankfully all the pressure is NOT on...
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    Haven’t done this in a while…

    Great looking plate!
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    Chuck roast and beef belly.

    I totally agree with Michael. That plate looks amazing! My wife, not so much my kids, loves brussels sprouts too! I just might have to try to duplicate this cook at home.
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    Mid-week Dinner & Weekend Lunch

    Got home from work on Thursday and decided to fire up the 22" kettle for a little dinner. Lit about 3/4 chimney of Kingsford Pro and added some unlit coals for good measure. Then crammed some legs on the indirect side of the cooking grate After the legs were done, I add a few more...
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    Smoke Day Ribeye Roast

    Looks awesome. And I'm not just saying that because I am hungry...