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    TVWB 20th Annual Christmas Prize Drawing

    Awesome !!!! Thank you Chris !!!!!
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    Did Wings Last Night

    Pictures or it never happened :)
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    Wireless Sound System for TV

    I bought the Samsun Q67CB from Costco last Xmas, and it is definitely a great sound system.
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    Home security questions

    I use Arlo 4K wireless camera's around my house, and I also have the Arlo doorbell camera. Yale just came out with the Yale Assure lock 2 touch, which has no keyhole, it uses a keypad or fingerprint . Older smart locks like the Kwikset halo can be susceptible to being hacked with a bypass tool.
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    New Release, MEATER 2

    I have had my Meater + for a few years and it works great. I just used it on Sunday while I was doing a rotisserie chicken.
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    Costco brisket $2.99#

    What state was that in? Here in Merced, CA it's still $3.99 :(
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    Interesting Cleaner

    I just noticed this video earlier today. Here is a link to their website.
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    Winner: TVWB News Prize Drawing for September 2023

    Congrats Kevin Gray !!!
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    Fishin' Boat

    Very nice !!
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    Grilled Vietnamese chicken

    Looks delicious !!!
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    25th Anniversary of The Virtual Weber Bullet website

    Congrats Chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome site.
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    A hybrid griddle-grill
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    A hybrid griddle-grill

    An interesting combo.
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    KBB on Sale @ Lowes

    Smart and Final has 2 20lb bags on sale this week for $19.99. You have to use their app for the discount
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    Prime briskets $2.99 at costco

    My Costco is still at $3.99 :(
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    Random thoughts/Off topic/Last post wins

    What am I going to win?
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    SlowNSear Deluxe or Weber Charcoal Baskets?

    Is that the Turbo Trusser on those birds?