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  1. Jabe G

    Back to work Picanha

    That looks great!
  2. Jabe G

    Late post… Thanksgiving Day turkey

    That looks great!
  3. Jabe G

    50/50 Chuck brisket burgers 🍔

    Those look great!
  4. Jabe G

    Our smoked turkey

    That looks awesome!
  5. Jabe G

    Civil War Pizza 🍕 🏈

    Those look great!
  6. Jabe G

    Second brisket, success!

    That looks fantastic!
  7. Jabe G

    Spatchcocked Chicken Monday Dinner

    That looks great!
  8. Jabe G

    SNF 🏈 Niners pollo asado tacos 🌮 and watch party

    Fantastic meal, one of my favorites!
  9. Jabe G

    Smoked Meatloaf

    That looks great!
  10. Jabe G

    Chicken Thighs on Weber Performer

    My favorite parts of a chicken!
  11. Jabe G

    Chicken Dinner

    My kind of meal!
  12. Jabe G

    Made some bread

    That looks great!
  13. Jabe G

    Pork loin souvlaki

    That looks fantastic!
  14. Jabe G

    Tri Tip Tag Team

    That looks great!
  15. Jabe G

    Playing with fire again....

    That looks great!
  16. Jabe G

    My Favorite Commercial BBQ Sauce(s)

    Blues Hog and Stubbs.
  17. Jabe G

    Friday Night Cook

    That looks great!
  18. Jabe G

    Peruvian Chicken Sandwich

    That looks mighty good!
  19. Jabe G

    Pollo Asado Tacos

    Wow, that looks great!
  20. Jabe G

    Exclusive Drawing for Forum Members: $25 Lowe's Gift Cards

    Thanks for all you do keeping this great site going!