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    Texas > Austin: The Salt Lick (Driftwood Location)

    The best bbq I have ever had was when I visit my daughter's family in Austin. Have not been to the Driftwood, but will on my next visit. There are numerous great places in that area. We used an article in USA Today as a guide, but I have misplaced it....tom
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    Hamburger Buns

    I make my own hamburger and hot dog buns. I use the King Arthur flour recipes and I bought the hamburger and hot dog pans. I always use the bread maker to prepare the dough. It is so easy. Put the ingredients in the bread maker and after an hour and forty minutes, the dough is mixed and has...
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    big green egg

    I have a BGE and a WSM. I've had great meals off each one. The advantage if the BGE is its stability. The disadvantage is its price..tom
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    Ribs over brisket

    My first cook on the WSM was ribs over Turkey Breast. Did not know what I was doing, but it was marvelous. I frequently use the ribs to baste the lower shelves. I have never been disappointed...tom
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    High Temp Method for Brisket Flat

    I went by temp and foiled at 170. I don't have enough experience to talk about reducing the cooking time. The final time was determined by tenderness as Glenn mentioned...tom
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    Brisket - Low and slow vs High Heat method... low & slow wins?

    I've only done one HH brisket and it was great. I am not trying to save face by saying it was moist. Our guests also said it. I have done many LS briskets, but I am now a convert to HH cooking. I think you can foul up either cook, if you don't pay attention, but with HH it is quicker....tom
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    High Temp Method for Brisket Flat

    Last Sat we did a brisket using the high temp method as described in the forum. It was great. It cooked faster than described and we were done in 4 hours. No problem. We put the foiled brisket in an ice chest and covered it with towels. After about 2 hours we sliced it. It was moist and...
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    In freezer over 1 year - Is this meat still good?

    We just did a good cleanup of our freezer and found a tritip that was vacuum packed in June 2006. Good vacuum and it was great....tom
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    High Heat Brisket Method - A Compilation

    Thanks to all of you. This is wonderful...tom
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    Heat control - high altitude any different? - and misc. comments

    We are at 5200 ft I agree with Kevin. I use a mixture of lump and briquettes. It is good to burn and you have less ash which on a long cook can be a bother. Jim Minion suggested this to me and I like it....tom
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    Pork belly(not bacon style)

    Awesome. Really looks great. Have to try it..tom
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    Lump and Briquettes

    In the past I wrote to the forum complainin about the amount of ash I had usin briqettes. Jim Minion was replied su estin that I use a 50-50 mixture of lump and briquettes. This works nicely. He also recommended the Minion method with a half full supply of lump. I have been doin this for some...
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    Thank you Larry W.

    He is a real asset to this forum. Thanks Larry...tom
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    Cherry Liqueur (the limoncello hooked me)

    Many moons ago we had a couple of cherry trees in our yard. We used to have cherry picking parties. One guest suggested that we make some cherry bounce. You take a mason jar and fill it two thirds with cherries and then fill the rest of it with cubed sugar. You then pour the cheapest booze...
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    "The" chicken?

    There is a recipe for "The Chicken" on the Naked Whiz site. We tried it and consider the recipe for Roadside Chicken to be better. Any way here it is: It is very popular....tom
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    Citric Acid

    I use it to make my sour dough bread taste better. There is a recipe on King Arthur flower, if you want quantities. The amount is a matter of taste....tom
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    Gumbo w/pics

    I have never been able to get a roux that looks that good. The gumbo looks great....tom
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    Magnetic knife bar

    We have used magnetic bars mounted on the side of the kitchen cabinet for years. We find it very convenient....tom
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    when do we start to see the charcoal lump sales?

    I have never seen lump on sale. I stocked up in late August. I went to a Wal Mart and they only had two bags. I got some help from a store representative. She had a hand held device and was able to check the supply in local area stores. She found one with 24 bags. I took the last two and...
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    how do you start your charcoal/lump?

    I love my MAPP torch. Got it at Ace Hardware...tom