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    Custom refrigerator smoker

    Hi everyone. I am a chronic lurker here but haven't posted anything in a long time. Last year I picked up a 70+ year old Crosley Shelvador refrigerator that wasn't working. I stripped everything out of it, replaced the insulation with Roxul high temp insulation, covered the inside of the door...
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    Tamale Skool

    Looks great! I learned how to make them from my mom, she grew up in Mexico. Where I live there are plenty of Hispanic markets that have fresh Masa and all of the supplies. I usually make them for friends, neighbors, coworkers as Christmas gifts. This year I set aside the first and third...
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    USDA Prime Tri-Tip

    Looks tasty Chris!
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    Cordon bleu thighs

    I remember being at a cookout ~20 years ago where someone made cordon bleu bite-size appetizers on a grill. I've tried a few times without success to replicate them, they were amazing. Your chicken looks great!
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    Fresh Whole Ham Questions

    I had lofty intentions of doing two whole hams at Christmas. I found pork legs at a great price, removed the skin and injected them to get the cure started. Then when I took them out of the cure the morning of Christmas Eve, I noticed a strange area on one of them. A google search confirmed...
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    Summer Sausage (delaying post)

    Looks great so far! Would you care to share your recipe? Two friends and I are making about 60 lbs. of venison into sausage in two weeks. I have enough summer sausage casings for about half of that, then the rest will become pepperoni or something.
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    Andouille Sausage Making

    That looks awesome! I've only made andouille once, but it turned out great. I started with one of Len Poli's recipes, then slightly modified it and it was delicious. Next time around I will get a little more adventurous with the spices, maybe grind my own chili powder from dried peppers...
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    Hatch.... natch - Chile Verde Burrito

    Rich - If you happen to be down in the valley for any reason, just hit a Food City and you're set ;) I bought three lbs of hot and two lbs of mild, and mixed it all together. Definitely spicy, but with a great flavor.
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    Thrift Store Finds

    Posting pictures is more trouble than it's worth. It's odd because I can see them on my computer, my wife's computer, and both of our cell phones.
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    Thrift Store Finds

    Had to ditch Photobucket....should be visible now.
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    Thrift Store Finds

    My wife and I both love going to thrift stores. We both peruse the used books, then she makes a beeline for the crystal pieces, and I look for cast iron. I found another piece tonight, here are a few of the ones I've picked up in the last year or two. The orange one was around $18, but the...
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    Hatch Green Chiles Hitting the Markets!

    I guess one of the perks of living next door to New Mexico is that these chiles are plentiful and cheap when they are in season. These two bags (5 lbs total) were a whopping $2.50 tonight. 2 lbs for $0.98. They had four varieties - mild, medium, hot and extra hot. One bag is hot and the...
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    Worst Ribs Ever

    Yesterday I pulled a couple of racks of St. Louis ribs from the local Fry's out of the freezer. Still in the vacuum sealed package. I noticed as they thawed that there was quite a bit of liquid in the package. When I opened it, there was a strong smell. Not like rotten meat, but more like I...
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    July 4th Brisket: 26.75 or 18.5 WSM?

    I did a brisket on an old 22" kettle at a relative's house a few years ago. Even though I had a foil pan to catch the drippings, that pan was next to some of the charcoal and got hot enough that every time I opened the lid, the grease would catch fire. I ended up finishing it in an oven. I'd...
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    Pork Burnt Ends

    I've made pork burnt ends a number of times. Always turned out pretty decent, and was actually very easy. Try doing a very simple version and don't overthink it. :)
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    Pulled Pork Tamales

    Nice looking tamales. I made about 270 of them at Christmas time for friends, coworkers, etc. My mom grew up in Mexico and taught me her ways......I actually go to several different Hispanic grocery stores for the components for the perfect masa, because I like certain things at each one...
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    Sausage - Round 2

    Thanks for the compliments! Rich - I used the coarse plate for the KA grinder, and ground once. I used lean meat, and then there's an Asian grocery store in my area that sells ground pork fat for $1/lb. It comes in a meat pack and is very coarsely ground (beads or chunks about 1/4" thick)...
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    Tonight's Cook, Plus A Couple Random Cooks

    Love the scallops!
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    Sausage - Round 2

    Hi everyone. I did my first attempt at homemade sausage last fall (about 25 lbs. of bratwurst, Polish, and an elk sausage). It turned out great! So when there was a very rainy weekend in the forecast, I planned another sausage experiment. I made three different kinds - about 11 lbs. of...
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    Curse Of The Goat?

    Living in Arizona, I haven't been to a game at Wrigley in a long time. But Cubs spring training (followed by Portillo's) is an annual rite for me. My brother and his family were at tonight's game. No matter who you root for, this is historic and is a GREAT thing for baseball!