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    HM version 4 Rpi 3d print case

    V4.0 with ethernet jack.
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    HM version 4 Rpi 3d print case

    Thanks for the reply. I was able to find a very early version that I am modifying in CAD, and once I get it printed and verified I'll put it up on Thingiverse. I realize there must not be a huge demand for this, but hopefully it will help someone.
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    HM version 4 Rpi 3d print case

    Yes, very old thread I know. But...........I still have a couple of 4.0's and would like to do some servo mods to them. I went thru every page of this thread and all of the links to the older 4.0 case model is either dead or "unresponsive". So, since the Heatermeter project is a little...
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    Raspberry PI for $35 shipped at Amazon

    Sorry about that. Didn't even notice that. I already own all the ones I need and didn't look at it in much detail. On the "detail" page it shows shipping from the UK, so that makes me feel a lot better than seeing China. And the...
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    Raspberry PI for $35 shipped at Amazon

    Saw this on one of the deal sites I frequent. Thought that someone here might be interested. Not sure how long the pricing will last, so if you're interested in it at this price I suggest getting it sooner rather than later; although camel camel camel shows it's been at this price for a...
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    Flameboss, looks like a HeaterMeter standalone with thermocouples

    Modified a little bit, but almost exact. Interesting.
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    Thermocouple Board Success (sort of)

    PT100 is typically a RTD (resistance), not a thermocouple (voltage).
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    Thermocouple Board Success (sort of)

    They make them. It's just a matter of whether we can get them for a price that we think is reasonable (if that's what's needed) . Also, the choices for the protective braid over the wire get limited with the higher temperature rating. Typically some kind of glass cloth instead of nice clean...
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    Auber Blower Fan

    Here's a video: On the wsm you'll need to tape over the two vent holes on the vent that's being used. The other two vents you just close. You can also use a stainless bowl with a hole in it and just cover the whole vent. A bolt goes through...
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    HeaterMeter working, however only when holding in my hand

    There are known problems with the ET732 probes and grounding (or lack there of) that sound similar to this. Do you know which probe you have?
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Brisket is on. Doing hot and fast brisket. Figured that it would be nice to have for the next couple of days so we don't have to worry about what to cook. Brisket weighed about 15 lbs. untrimmed, and trimmed it was maybe down to 12 lbs. That thing is tight on a 18.5" wsm.
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    Thermocouple Board Success (sort of)

    Bryan. When you are doing your checkout be aware that they make both grounded and un-grounded thermocouples. The un-grounded are compatible with most instruments, but they don't have quite as good of a response. The grounded on the other hand, have better response, but they can have some...
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    1st butts and temp question

    Looks like the cover may be up a hair from the probe wire also. That could contribute. Did this to mine, although I can understand how one would be hesitant about taking a grinder to their new smoker.
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks Turkey is on. You can see the temperature limit of the ET732 probe. Blew it out at around 650F. Having to use a food probe as pit probe. This is an 18# spatchcocked turkey. Doing it on the Chargriller Kamado because I didn't think it would fit on the...
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks Briskets on. I was planning on doing an overnight cook starting yesterday, but that didn't happen. So we're starting a hot and fast this morning. Edit: Cooks done. A little more detail. This was a brisket that started out around 15#'s, but by the time...
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    Heater Meter Waterproofing Ideas

    Here's mine. Nothing real fancy and probably not exactly what you had in mind. The pictures throw the scale of things off a little bit, and the box isn't quite as big as it looks. Foot print wise it's a pretty good fit for the case. The box could be a little shorter though. There are...
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    Analog TC reading way off

    Try switching the thermocouple wires. Also, are you using a J or K thermocouple?
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    Post your HeaterMeter graphs

    First run with the HeaterMeter and my WSM 18.5" smoker. Smoked a 14# boneless butt from Costco. They split it in "half" when they take the bone out, and it was essentially one 6# and one 8#. Used Kingsford Blue briquettes. Setpoint was 260F. Cook took around 14 hours. Bottom vents...
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    Mounting the HeaterMeter on the WSM

    Just finished up a table myself. Got the idea here. The table looks like it sticks out quite a bit, but the boards are only 7" wide so the table really only sticks out around 10". Might cut it back a hair if I was to do it again. Probably...
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    Post your HeaterMeter graphs

    Mache, that's a pretty nice looking graph. Capping the max at 30 percent keeps things from getting out of control, but your cook went so well it was never an issue. What can happen some times is that you move a lot more air than you can heat and the controller just keeps ramping the fan so...