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    Grill Cleaner or best way

    I just use the $1 wire brushes from WalMart. They are really easy to clean. I soak them in Dawn and hot water for 10 minutes in a small plastic container (think Oxyclean). I brush the bristles from 2 brushes against each other to clean the gunk out in-between the bristles. Most of the...
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    popane tank filling questions

    I'm also a home brewer (since 1994) would think they are similar to CO2 tanks. I was told by my CO2 supplier that if you turn them off before disconnecting them then no air gets inside. So, that's what I do. (Not important, but I did 3 tours at Ft. Bragg). ; ' )
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    I have that one too...BUT...SN says they use Magnum hops for bittering.
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. I have at least 2 clone recipes (from Brew Your Own) and 1 that is supposed to be directly from SN and it is not dry hopped. Even the recipe I use dry hops it, but since I'm not a hop head I don't. I think it tastes just fine without it.
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    I have the following home brew on tap: 1 Irish Stout 1 Coffee Stout 2 kegs of Oktoberfest Lager 1 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone 3 variations of a Light Ale (4.2%) PROSIT!
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    SNPA is NOT dry hopped...
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    Aldi's also has a Belgian-style Bike Tread (Tire Tread, or something like that) that "resembles" Fat Tire.
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    Hello from Philly

    Welcome Brian. I'm born and raised in Camden, circa 1950s. I also lived in So, Philly (1964-67).
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    Ribs on WSM

    I would have scrubbed them under cold water and reheated before tossing them. Nothing to lose but time...
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    Weber E-610 on clearance at Lowes - $325

    $714. at two near me (within 50 miles), but now showing up in inventory.
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    Random thoughts/Off topic/Last post wins

    When I was a teenager in the 60s/early 70s I lived in Atlantic City, NJ...the eye candy changed daily.
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    Summer Chili OK ?

    I'd eat chili any day of the year.
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    What? No spaetzle? I used to eat these a couple times a month when I lived in Germany.
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    Greetings from the Jersey Shore

    Welcome! Where are you on the shore?
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    Pink paper / foil

    I've done both. I, we, are older and do not like hard bark (on any meat) so we, I, prefer foiling over using paper. If you're going to foil and add apple juice, I would recommend using no more than 1/4 cup...and I heat mine up before adding it to the foil boat. This way it doesn't cool the...
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    First local sweet corn this year

    In husk here too. We had corn from GA and it was pretty good. We haven't had any local corn yet. We moved back from Germany in 2004. Our neighbors are farmers with plots local and miles away. He plants about an acre just for the neighborhood. They tell us when it's ready for picking and we...
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    Thanks for the tips folks!

    After I pull the meat and while the coals are burning down I wash mine with Dawn, hot water and a wash cloth. Rub dry with an old towel. Not every time mind you, but as needed.
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    Gas regulator question

    Using the one not in use, I'd take the black knob off and try to remove the shaft from the regulator and use gas (yellow) teflon tape on it's threads and reassemble. You've got nothing to lose.
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    On clearance already?

    $237...30 miles away.