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  1. Kelly C

    Proud Papa Here

    Congrats Bob! That is awesome!!!
  2. Kelly C

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Looks great!!!
  3. Kelly C

    Beauty in Simplicity: The Genesis XX (Jr.)

    Great job Jon! It looks fantastic and makes me want to start restoring mine real soon.
  4. Kelly C

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We plan on spinning a couple turkey breasts on the rotisserie this afternoon. Enjoy!
  5. Kelly C

    Summit® Grill Center (Liquid Propane) (Item # 291101)

    Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your sale.
  6. Kelly C

    ISO Front Panel For Genny 1000

    Looking for a front panel to finish a restoration project on a Genesis 1000. The front panel attaches to the frame in two places and hides the front burner tube from view. Please let me know if you have a spare or a source for one. Thanks!
  7. Kelly C

    Hello from Jacksonville FL

    Welcome to the forum Bob from Kansas City.
  8. Kelly C

    A second charcoal in the house

    I switched from Kingsford Blue briquettes to B&B Oak (orange bag) briquettes about a year ago and have not looked back. It burns hotter, longer and cleaner. I use it in competitions and the backyard for both grilling and smoking meats.
  9. Kelly C

    Did Wings Last Night

    Have any pictures of them?
  10. Kelly C

    Steak Kabobs

    Just add onto the post to comment Sold
  11. Kelly C

    Weber virgin

    Welcome Paul. Hope you enjoy it here as much as we do.
  12. Kelly C

    Dave Moser Grill Restoration Rookie

    Welcome to the forum Dave from Kansas City. Glad you are here and enjoying this fun hobby with your sons.
  13. Kelly C

    Genesis Junior stainless warming rack

    Nice discovery and work!
  14. Kelly C

    Genesis Junior -- Skyline Edition

    Thanks for sharing! Love the chronicled story and build. Makes me want to dig my Jr redhead out of back of garage and restore it to use. I recall buying some Jr bits from you in the past for it.
  15. Kelly C

    Genesis Junior -- Skyline Edition

    That’s really cool. Great job! Can’t say I have ever seen a 3-burner Genny Jr…only 2 burners. Was that really an option back in the day?
  16. Kelly C

    Steak Kabobs

    It has been awhile since we did steak kabobs so we grilled them tonight. The stew meat we went with proved y be tough despite the marinade. Will do tri tip next time.
  17. Kelly C

    Bachelor Skirt Steak

    Looks delicious!
  18. Kelly C

    St Louis Style Ribs

    They look perfect!!!
  19. Kelly C

    In search of Weber 22" Red

    I have one and will send you a PM.
  20. Kelly C

    If I didn't already own one, I would make the drive to buy this. NOT MINE. TOTAL UNICORN WITH AN ORIGINAL IN BOX COVER!!!

    Would love to get an original cover for my Weber fire pit. Does anyone know the part # and/or where I can buy one? I assume this one is already sold.