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  1. Vinny G

    Forum favorite brine?

    Here is one that I got off of this site from around 2004! I believe the members name was Larry. I haven’t brined in a long time now. But way back then I have used this one several years in a row! And it was and is great! This is the original brine recipe. I do remember taking the bird up to 165...
  2. Vinny G

    Mason Jar Sealer Attachments for Vacuum Sealers On Sale $10

    I have bin using this for several years now. I like to smoke chicken and then make some chicken soup. So I saw this and said that would be a great way to freeze the leftover soup. Well it works great.
  3. Vinny G

    Hot and Fast Brisket - I'm a believer!

    Thank you Rick. I will definitely give this a shot one Day!!
  4. Vinny G

    Hot and Fast Brisket - I'm a believer!

    I know you typed “no more low and slow briskets for you.” So do you or did you see any difference between the two ways in texture, taste smoke flavor...? I do just about everything you said with mine including the tallow. But not Hot and Fast. I have bin thinking about doing it this way for a...
  5. Vinny G

    Hot and Fast Brisket - I'm a believer!

    Hello Rick. Like Jim please tell us so some more details. Rub, wood, temp, wrap etc!
  6. Vinny G

    My First Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker

    Welcome Chris. You will find a lot of great people here! Happy smoking!
  7. Vinny G

    Want to try a pork shoulder

    Hello Larry. Hope your Dad is doing well!! I have only done pull pork on the WSM. I smoke them at 250 and the sizes are always around 10lbs. So unfortunately I have no experience on a pellet grill yet! But I am looking to pull the trigger on a new toy. A recteq 1250 for Christmas. So with that...
  8. Vinny G

    Well it's happening again. Need the brisket experts!

    Hello LMichaells. Hope all is going well with you pal!! My experience is only smoking on the WSM. Temps did the same thing. The point and the flat evened out at the end with the internal temp. I also have cut it up and used the vacuum sealer to save it to go in the refrigerator or freezer. Then...
  9. Vinny G

    My First Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker

    Welcome!! Don’t let the winter stop you from smoken! She will do fine! Wind is the problem. Enjoy!!
  10. Vinny G

    FireBoard 2 Drive & Pit Viper Fan or ThermWorks and Billows Fan

    I was looking at both of them also. Both of them are great products to assist you in your smokes. I Decided to go with the Fireboard 2 And their blower. I really like how the fire board 2 works with the blower On WSM 22. Never used it on my 18. Instead of going into detail here. Take a look on...
  11. Vinny G

    Mounjaro Journey

  12. Vinny G

    Mounjaro Journey

    Keep it up pal! You are on the right track,
  13. Vinny G

    Which to add to the stable... 14.5" or 22"?

    I agree with Dan. GET BOTH!! But if you don’t. I suggest going with the 22 in. Space to me is everything. I started with the 18 and love it! But I found myself saying, I would like so more space. So I pulled the trigger about a Couple of years later and never regretted it. If it does uses more...
  14. Vinny G

    Starter Cubes

    I stop using all that stuff. I found a $10 (at the time) an ordinary heat gun. I see them for about $15 to $19 now. When I smoke on the WSM, I fill the bottom of the WSM charcoal basket up and hold the heat gun on-top of the middle coals. In the matter of 3 min or so there are about 4 or 8 coal...
  15. Vinny G

    Does most of the heat come from the bottom? Or reflect off the top of the dome?

    I never thought of the fat side up being an insulator. I did think that the fat side up would have rendered better and seep into the meat because of gravity. I heard of people swearing that it mattered. But to me I don’t see the difference there either. So Fat side down on WSM for me. I have...
  16. Vinny G

    Getting an offset quality bark on a WSM

    I agree with Tim and Bob. Cook at 225…250 and wait till the bark is set before wrapping. Sometimes I’ve gone to 170..175 then wrap. When Bark is set and wrap with butcher paper. Foil give me a softer bark.
  17. Vinny G

    binder or not

    Hello all! 99% of the time I put the rub on and put it back in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning the salts in the rub draws out moisture. That being said, the rubs creates it’s own binder, At this point I add a just a little more rub while I am setting up the smoker. I never had a...
  18. Vinny G

    1996 Genesis 2000 LP griddle recommendation

    To me the price wasn’t that bad when compared to others in the same category. Yes I felt the same way about making the gas grill a multitasker.
  19. Vinny G

    1996 Genesis 2000 LP griddle recommendation

    I ordered it from SteelmadeUSA. I believe that’s the only place you can get them? The Drip pan has lips on each side that slips under the grill grates on each side that runs the length of the griddle. If you have 3 grill grates. You attach one side then the order and then sit the middle one in...
  20. Vinny G

    1996 Genesis 2000 LP griddle recommendation

    Ok bought the lodge. Works great but to small for me. I felt I need more room. So I ended up buying the Steelmade Pro griddle. The pro is heavy! Fits the old Red head perfectl! Probably should have went with the standard. But I figured GO BIG OR GO HOME! Lol. I love the idea it is made in the...