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  1. Joe T Gomez

    Turkey day

    Family Day
  2. Joe T Gomez

    Brisket today

    Looking good 😎
  3. Joe T Gomez

    Pork butt & sausages

    Chris looks awesome but why?put in oven 😎
  4. Joe T Gomez

    Baby Back Ribs

    Looking good 😎
  5. Joe T Gomez

    Guess what this is.

    Looks like you would be good with some chili beans 😎
  6. Joe T Gomez

    Beef Ribs

    Bill them ribs look awesome 😎
  7. Joe T Gomez

    Getting an offset quality bark on a WSM

    I cook mine overnight about 250 spread with beef broth throughout the cook once it reaches 160 I wrap it with butcher paper that will allow your bark to set 😎
  8. Joe T Gomez

    Spatchcocked chicken and smoked cauli on the WSM

    Chicken looks great will have to do cauliflower 😎
  9. Joe T Gomez

    Rotisserie Chicken

    Wow looks good 😎
  10. Joe T Gomez

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends, Armadillo Eggs, & Smoked Corn

    Everything looks really good 👍😎
  11. Joe T Gomez

    Charcoal, briquettes

    Has anybody tried this cowboy charcoal? It’s made through Duraflame. I tried it. It wasn’t bad not a lot of smoke. Lots of heat.
  12. Joe T Gomez

    Simple cook

    Made some Asada on ci Just season salt and pepper, onions, and tomatoes cooked them all together served over some white rice the wife made
  13. Joe T Gomez

    Happy memorial day

    Tri tip
  14. Joe T Gomez

    Hello from Mississippi!

    Maybe some JB Weld
  15. Joe T Gomez

    Red, White, and BBQ Competition

    Awesome cook 😎
  16. Joe T Gomez

    Hello, from Ohio

    Welcome to the site looking good 😎
  17. Joe T Gomez


    Picked up some ribs at Costco a three pack for about $30 cooked them with Kingsburg with chunks of apricot-based them with a mixture of apricot jam with barbecue sauce
  18. Joe T Gomez


    Welcome to the site lots of information here 😎
  19. Joe T Gomez

    T-Bone 🥩

    Wife’s favorite
  20. Joe T Gomez

    First Pork Shoulder 2023

    That looks good did you wrap 😎