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  1. Anne M.

    WSM 14.5 Cooking Configuration

    I very often use my wsm 14 as a barrel cooker (No waterpan, no diffuser) Works for me. I put meat on the top grid so any flame from dripping fat won't reach the meat. Thats the only thing that would worry me with hangin meat I would love to get an extra middle section or a 14" rotisserie ring ;)
  2. Anne M.

    Lump quesion

    I've only ever used mopani lump charcoal in my 14" wsm and I don't notice any issues
  3. Anne M.

    Beware the grinder!

    I do the same as @Brett-EDH (and I also expected a meat grinder story, maybe about one that was not cleaned properly after use....)
  4. Anne M.

    Why do you cook with fire?

    On my wsm I keep a bit of an eye on the build in thermometer. On my hillbilly kettle, I just go for what I think is right. Sometimes I use the lid, quite often, I don't I do check the internal temp when I do whole chickens, but thats about it. I used to use temperature probes etc but decided...
  5. Anne M.

    Go USA 🇺🇸 Vietnamese chicken!

    Nice! My kind of food ;)
  6. Anne M.

    Onion bombs

    These onions were quite small, I think it is best when they are not too big. I prepared them on the wsm 14, top rack, no water pan, lump charcoal, no lid
  7. Anne M.

    Onion bombs

    I have no oven, so I use the uuni/ooni 3 and can only make small, flattish bread. I use the following, then divide in 4 and keep in the fridge 150 gr active 60% hydration starter 750 gr flour (mixture of AP and brown) 500 gr water. Stir, quickly kneed till it comes together Let sit for about...
  8. Anne M.

    Onion bombs

    Nah, Basically spiced ground meat, then onion (check on the right of my first picture) then wrapped in bacon. So you take an onion, peel, half lengthwise and peel of the layers, keeping the 2 pieces together to fill
  9. Anne M.

    Onion bombs

    I don't take pictures that often... But yesterday I made onion bombs. Idea by Raichlen, spicing totally changed to my liking The bread was baked in the uuni 3 a little earlier. My sourdough take on Turkish pide Then some extra pics since I'm posting anyway Angle iron sausages on open fire...
  10. Anne M.


    Only Boca I know is Boca juniors. Diego Maradona played for them ;)
  11. Anne M.

    Post your city, please

    I'm here ;) With home brew
  12. Anne M.

    Let's get the WSM 14 up and smoking

    Looks real tasty!
  13. Anne M.

    How did we survive?

    And with my internet being slow (takes a while for the pic to show) I was wondering what you all did with your furry friends?
  14. Anne M.

    Cold smoke

    I could do that in my climate by putting the wsm in the sun and putting a cold smoke generator inside (like the ProQ) :) More serious: that's a difficult temperature, esp the lower end (65 oC) You'll have to try it out, but maybe starting with just 1 or 2 pieces of hot charcoal. Not more. How...
  15. Anne M.

    What's on tap/brew schedule?

    Just finished brewing a summer blonde beer.... Stocks are low, so planning another brew this week with Voss Kveik as I can get away without temperature control with that one ;)
  16. Anne M.

    Cheju Do Bulgogi Sauce

    Yep, bulgogi sauce makes kalbi and is delicious :) It normally uses nashi pear, but I can't get those. Sounds like I got to give AI-Joan's recipe a try :)
  17. Anne M.

    Like to do jigsaw puzzles?

    Ah, online jigsaw doesn't appeal to me. Last jigsaw I did was quite funny in that it didn't give you the end result. Instead there was a scenery and someone looking at it and you had to complete the puzzle as to what this person saw. Real funny. I go google for a sample. And fun puzzles are done...
  18. Anne M.

    Spice grinder?

    I us a hand burr grinder for coffee. I think it was 30 or 40 euro. Works a dream if you don't need to do too much. Pestle & mortar for spices, pepper mill or mortar for pepper corns Big amounts go into blade coffee grinder
  19. Anne M.

    Suggestions for cooking lamb chops on a gasser tomorrow

    Looks good! I like lamb. My go to is mustard and rosemary
  20. Anne M.

    Retiring from smoking food

    Nice Much as I like my little 14 wsm, I wish I could get a little extension to the middle section to do exactly that (doubling as a rotisserie would even be better)