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  1. Brad Olson

    Recrisping a turkey?

    As of right now, my plan for Thursday is to either rotisserie the turkey or cook it beer can style. This will take place here and then the turkey will have to be transported 20 minutes to the dinner site. I'm thinking of putting it in a dish and then sealing it in with foil; this will keep it...
  2. Brad Olson

    Smaller turkeys at Festival Foods (WI)

    Today I found a Plainville Farms 8-1/4 lb. turkey in Festival Foods in Ft. Atkinson, WI. It wasn't cheap ($4-something/lb) but since a standard 12+ bird is more than I need, it's worth it.
  3. Brad Olson

    Random thoughts/Off topic/Last post wins

    Looks like steroids and other PEDs possibly found their way into the NFL 60 years ago:
  4. Brad Olson

    Chicken thighs

    Jim, you've been a great contributor here for a long time, but I simply cannot let this go unnoticed and therefore must reply: Did you mean to post this to your soccer moms group? ;)
  5. Brad Olson

    Football musings - vent, laugh, oh my!

    I'm pretty sure you're not referring to Bruce Herron.:(
  6. Brad Olson

    The Humor Thread

    Too bad Mexico didn't win.
  7. Brad Olson

    D*mn rodents!

    I lost my oldest vintage Lawn-Boy mower today when a mouse nest built up inside the top of the engine compartment caused it to overheat and seize. Fortunately it's not totally locked up but compression's gone, so hopefully the powerhead and piston are OK and I can fix it with a re-ring. This...
  8. Brad Olson

    Football is back baby!

    Someday, perhaps, NFL football will once again be played in Chicago. Perhaps.
  9. Brad Olson

    Just nature photos

    When I was growing up there were orbs everywhere in the grassfields behind the house.
  10. Brad Olson

    Football is back baby!

    50+ years backing the guys with the "C" on their hats and clad in navy blue and orange. 1 year turned out OK, I guess.
  11. Brad Olson

    Indy restaurant recommendations?

    Am I allowed to step in and show them what they're doing wrong?;)
  12. Brad Olson


    Hopefully courtesy of your grandchildren! (Or at the very least, their parents.)
  13. Brad Olson

    Sausage & Briskets

    I'm thinking your friend had a very happy birthday!
  14. Brad Olson

    Does anyone remember this?

    Good timing! I have 4 thighs to grill tomorrow and I was originally planning on Cornell Chicken, but I just might give this a try instead.
  15. Brad Olson

    1st Beef Ribs

    The membrane of beef ribs is usually pretty tough and thicker/more dense than that of pork ribs. The next time you cook up a batch, consider removing it - I think you might like the results.
  16. Brad Olson

    Royal Sonesta - Kauai

    Dunno if it's your first visit or not, Chuck...but if it is, the chickens are *everywhere*!;)
  17. Brad Olson

    Indy restaurant recommendations?

    I do not have fond childhood memories of liver so I haven't had it in probably close to 50 years, but if someone at Shapiro's offers me a free taste I won't turn it down! FWIW, I'm planning on having fried chicken, chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans at Gray's...
  18. Brad Olson

    What is your opinion?

    My response to that would be, "Good! That means more shrimp for ME!!";)
  19. Brad Olson

    1st Beef Ribs

    Definitely not bad for a first effort. Did you skin them? Good luck finding meatier ones; they seem to be pretty scarce sometimes. If there's a sale on rib roasts you might want to buy one and cut your own ribs to get the thickness you want. Sometimes I'll direct-grill beef ribs to...
  20. Brad Olson

    Meijer 81/19 Ground Beef

    You'll have to recalibrate all your recipes.