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  1. Jim Bloomfield

    Springs for Weber Summit hood

    I called Weber and they said not under warranty and I would need to buy the hinge assembly
  2. Jim Bloomfield

    Springs for Weber Summit hood

    Need the hood springs for our WSK. Weber wants to sell the entire hinge with springs $150. Has anyone found a replacement. Our lid falls / slams down with a slight breeze
  3. Jim Bloomfield

    Reheating standing rib roast ribs

    Sous vide works , takes about 30 minutes
  4. Jim Bloomfield

    Baby Backs On the WSM 22

    We used Stokers for years. The Fire Board is the closest we have found to the stoker. The app for the Fire Board is real nice too. It does have lid detection.
  5. Jim Bloomfield

    Free Stickers are back!

    nice quality. Mine is on the garage fridge.
  6. Jim Bloomfield

    Decided to return my Weber SmokeFire ex-6

    We have owned every size of WSM. Still have a 14 that gets very little use. Why? we have a Weber Kamado. Best all around charcoal cooker and frugal on charcoal.
  7. Jim Bloomfield

    Happy TVWB 24th Anniversary

    Brett has it pegged .sites that have come and gone in the last 24 years. A lot of outside cooking forums are barely getting a post a day. While your site continues it growth. Talk about doing something right. Thanks Chris,we have all learned a lot here.
  8. Jim Bloomfield

    Grate options for Summit Kamado

    Kamado Big Joe. The soapstone is fun to cook on
  9. Jim Bloomfield

    Safeway San Ramon CA

    Done ground brisket and shoulder clod.
  10. Jim Bloomfield

    What's the price of gas where you live?

    6.19 for regular today in Fillmore California
  11. Jim Bloomfield

    Insulated blanket wrap

    It will help Honestly the lava lock will make a noticeable difference. Add a three side cardboard wind break and you will have a awesome setup.
  12. Jim Bloomfield

    Leg braces

  13. Jim Bloomfield

    What IF... You had to start over...

    MAK 2 star pellet grill, Weber summit charcoal
  14. Jim Bloomfield

    WSM Lid Hinge options

    Spring assist hinge is what we have with the latch handles. Had the unknown hinge before. Both are good. Like the spring hinge more
  15. Jim Bloomfield

    Fresh smoke wood chunks from Sharpe Gourmet Cooking Wood

    We are lucky that I can drive there in about a little over a hour. Patty and her crew do a great job putting out a wonderful product. they have so much wood on the property. Customers are in and out all day long buying quantities that make the bag we buy look small.
  16. Jim Bloomfield

    Summit Kamado + Kamado Joe Soapstone

    Correct for the Big Joe
  17. Jim Bloomfield

    Summit Kamado + Kamado Joe Soapstone

    Works great. We have one on our summit charcoal.let it get hot! We let ours get to temp and stay at that temp 10-15 minutes before using.ours is on the grill more than 50% of the time.
  18. Jim Bloomfield

    What music streaming services do you recommend...?

    Spotify. Can make and share list and their AI makes lists based on what you listen to.