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  1. Mike Shook

    My first brisket turned out great!!!

    40 years til the first brisket? That's like saving yourself for your third marriage!!!! Glad it turned out well. Brisket is always daunting if only for the cost if you screw it up (and I have a few times.) But it is so rewarding when it turns out. Congrats!
  2. Mike Shook

    Pork shoulder at 275-300 degrees.

    I want to hear more about the buns. Please share.
  3. Mike Shook

    oldest meat?

    No this ain't a thread about your rapidly fading prowess. I have three places to keep frozen food: the little freezer attached to the house fridge, a chest freezer that we bought 20 years ago, and a stand up freezer my grandma left to me that she bought in (gasp) 1967 that still works like a...
  4. Mike Shook

    Football musings - vent, laugh, oh my!

    Sounds like my honeymoon......
  5. Mike Shook

    Real Men! (and Real Women)

    Kelly, add Smokey Mountain Boys and 70 other teams in Shawnee to that list of real men and women!
  6. Mike Shook

    Real Men! (and Real Women)

    I table-captained at a KCBS backyard event to day in Ashland, VA. Tropical Storm Ophelia was raging overhead. Wind, rain, everything but Toto and a witch swirling in the sky. These teams showed more dedication and determination than most masters series teams! From the scores and what I...
  7. Mike Shook


    I had a hankering for some house pastrami and realized I hadn't made the recipe that Chris has on the VWB site in a long time. This is the dry cure method, meaning a week in the fridge, a 3 hour soak, a 3 hour-ish smoke, and a two hour rest. Started with a 6 pound brisket flat from Publix...
  8. Mike Shook

    Bone in Pork Butt questions

    Too... much..... bark...... Nope, Google can't find a definition for that phrase. Must be a typo.
  9. Mike Shook

    What Causes Green Pork Butts?

    Meat near the bone-in bone can frequently be dark, but I have never seen green. And it certainly wouldn't affect the taste of more "remote" meat. I'd like to see some pictures if you are unlucky enough to have this occur again.
  10. Mike Shook

    a note on hot and fast chicken

    I have always sworn by Chris's recipe on the website, which indicates "You want the WSM to run as hot as possible." It also indicates "If you can run the WSM even hotter, say 350-360°F, you may be able to shorten the cooking time even more." So I wondered.... what happens if I open it all the...
  11. Mike Shook

    Another Mike joining the ranks

    Glad you're here. We were starting to get outnumbered.
  12. Mike Shook

    Iowa State Championship BBQ Competition

    I think that April 1 post from KCBS requires you to integrate the tofu into your brisket box.
  13. Mike Shook

    Rib quandary

    FWIW, if I have limited time on ribs I cook blashphemy style. 2.5 hours cook time after 30 minutes prep. These turn out well, although there is more clean up than usual.
  14. Mike Shook

    Just got my CBJ

    I hope you enjoy it as miuch as I do. -You should trust your own instincts, taste, and training, but never forget to ask the table after each round -- "What did you like?" I have never met a judge who is shy or without an opinion, so you'll learn what nuances and peculiarities other folks are...
  15. Mike Shook

    Re Heating Pulled Pork

    While I sous vide myself, my neighbor goes cheap and simply double bags with a good quality zipper bag and putting on the stovetop in simmering water. Cuts the chance of a penetrating leak in half. Me, I'd rather cut it to near zero by sucking and dunking, plus I get to control the temp. But...
  16. Mike Shook

    Large Pork Butts vs Small Pork Butts

    Hmmm, I almost always load the smoker. So if all the available butts at the market are smallish I put more of them on to fill 'er up. So left overs are fairly constant for me. No worries, it freezes well and I regularly have people ask if I have a pound that I can spare (at least once every...
  17. Mike Shook

    Pit Masters

    Are you using a charcoal chimney? Works wonders to get a fire started any time of year. Very cheap at Home Depot / Amazon. And what Brett said about oil, absolutely. On paper towels or junk mail newsprint, in the bottom of the chimney.
  18. Mike Shook

    Pulled Pork Question

    How did it turn out, Mike? Did you get it done at once, or did you spread it out over several cooks? More thoughts -- Ditto everything said above. The only thing I'd clarify is that the 40% shrinkage applies to the POST-trimmed weight, not the purchase weight. I cook frequently for several...
  19. Mike Shook

    Just got my CBJ

    Chris, since my shoulder surgery I can't play golf, I'm too fat for mountain climbing, and I can't afford a boat for fishing. That leaves gardening, antiquing or barbecue judging on weekends. I had no real choice! LOL.
  20. Mike Shook

    Virginia > Ashland: Jake's Place Restaurant & Market

    I am in the Glen Allen area. About 10 miles from Ashland and 10 miles from Richmond.