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    Trying something new

    When ribeyes/rib roast are on sale, try asking your local market to cut a small rib roast. Or, you could ask the butcher to cut off a chuck eye ("Poor Man's Ribeye") roast - basically a 4-6" cut - next time they cut up a chuck roll.
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    Mayo as a slather

    I've been using yellow mustard (and sometimes dill pickle juice or pickled jalapeno juice) for about 20 years. I'm not sure there is any benefit to using mayo, and it costs a lot more than mustard.
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    Preserving Leftovers

    Definitely unsliced. You can decide later if you brisket sliced for sandwiches, chopped for stuffed potatoes, chunky for soup or salad. We don't use a vacuum sealer, wife pushes all the air out of the bag, inserts a metal straw, inhales, and voila, a pretty good imitation of a vacuum sealed bag.
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    Japanese sauce at Costco

    Thanks! Any thoughts on how it might work as a dipping sauce for Thai or Vietnamese food?
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    Hot weather brisket

    ... presents some challenges, but the Weber Smokey Mountain huffed and puffed and got the job done. A little crunchy in places (108 F) when I let the internal temp get to 335 - had to take off the lid and remove the door for a little while - but overall nice moist Choice brisket. @ $2.99 a...
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    What’s your biggest or most memorable barbecuing oops?

    Okay, I haven't read all the posts, so this may/may not be redundant: 1) I smoked turkey over oak for my bowling league. So? So, I showed up with two nicely smoked, tasty turkeys. My team captain showed up with two turkeys that reeked of Matchlight. What hurt is nobody liked mine, but the...
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    Smash Burgers

    my wife bought a tortilla press for... well, you know. Turns out they're also good for pressing smash burgers, or making double cheese burgers.
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    Hanging Kits for 22" WSM?

    Does anybody know about and/or used hanging kits for a 22" WSM? I've seen one from LavaLock at Amazon, seems reasonably priced.
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    Cleaning cast iron grates on Spirit 310

    I've had this weber for probably 10+ years. It's gotten to the point where I can't keep the cast iron grates clean, always some nasty carbon residue. Any thoughts, short of sand blasting?
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    Oklahoma > Oklahoma City: Leo's BBQ

    Great write-up and photos! Just wondering what your Top5 or 10 would look like. I live in SW Oklahoma, about 2 hours away from OKC. Always looking for some good BBQ. I have to admit I've been getting spoiled by Central TX style BBQ, but oh them ribs. 22.5" WSM, Weber 22.5" charcoal grill...