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  1. JeffG


    I hope Hugo gets some soup....Wonderful cooks as usual..I like the mini pumpkin pies..
  2. JeffG

    This looks good.

    I want to give this Mashed Potato Au Gratin a try, who's in.
  3. JeffG

    Another Porchetta

    Looks awesome Timothy Darn, what’s would we do if we didn’t have this forum to learn from each other. Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. JeffG

    Rotisserie Roast Beef

    Nice cook John , maybe its rotisserie season around here....
  5. JeffG

    Camp Tri tip.

    Nice Case
  6. JeffG

    Meat Church Chicken Chili

    Never thought to make chicken chili, but it sure look delicious.
  7. JeffG

    Steak Sando- the quest for the perfect sandwich

    Now thats how to build a steak sandwich.......
  8. JeffG

    It’s that time of year, yes Rack Of Pork.

    After a few minutes of this I foiled the Frenched Bones....:cool:
  9. JeffG

    It’s that time of year, yes Rack Of Pork.

    Yes it is Frenched already.
  10. JeffG

    It’s that time of year, yes Rack Of Pork.

    As said before I wish these we available all year long. In my book the Rack of Pork gives a Prime Rib a run for the money.
  11. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

    Catalina Island is only 26 Miles from Newport Beach Ca. Harbor entrance. Hehehe
  12. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  13. JeffG

    Costco refrigerator review

    I used to go to the Sears ding and dent warehouse and pick out a fridge and then source / set up my fridge with whatever shelves and drawers from other fridges around the one I picked until it was the way I wanted it to be. Those were the days RIP Sears outlet.
  14. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  15. JeffG

    Weber Flame Outdoor LP Gas Fireplace $150.00 Not mine..... Summerlin
  16. JeffG

    Costco refrigerator review

    Keep us posted on the Samsung Fridge, Nextdoor neighbor bought one with all the bells and whistles. As said buy the extended warranty.
  17. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  18. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  19. JeffG

    The Humor Thread