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  1. Phil S

    Mason Jar Sealer Attachments for Vacuum Sealers On Sale $10

    Make sure that hose fits your adapter port. I have a 2100 series Foodsaver and need the green ended adapter. The caps are a great price but you'll also need to order the $3 adapter to...
  2. Phil S

    Grill Restorers: Get this Knipex tool!

    And the price dropped another $3 today.
  3. Phil S

    Coffee Maker Cleaning

    I also use citric acid as it rinses out much quicker and can be mixed up at any strength you prefer. I also pull the filter out before cleaning and put a new one in when done.
  4. Phil S

    I’ve Met my Match and it’s a Mouse

    A bit of bacon tied on with thread has worked well in the past.
  5. Phil S

    Trying something new

    We get bottom round roasts from Aldi when they have them. 24-30 hrs Sous Vide at 130 with heavy rub of SPG , chill then slice. Like buttah...
  6. Phil S

    Grills for sale (not mine)

    "Private Only members can see who's in the group and what they post." :unsure:
  7. Phil S

    Learn Me How To Use A Vortex....

    I use a light dusting of corn starch or baking powder and let them go for 45 minutes at around 450. I do that for both wings and thighs and don't flip or rotate the lid. Momma likes her skin REAL crispy so I'll put hers directly over the coals ( skin down) for about 10 seconds.
  8. Phil S

    Ugly Baby Backs via the snake method

    Think how badly trying to remove those from a rib rack would have ripped up the bark.
  9. Phil S

    New Kitty

    To protect your security, will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it.
  10. Phil S

    How did we survive?

    In college (before microwaves were popular) we made dogs by sticking a copper wire in each end and then the wires into an outlet. 45 seconds and they were done. I was shocked to learn you should not check the temperature of the dogs by touching them before you unplugged them. :>)
  11. Phil S

    K-Pro going on sale next week @ Costco

    Rats! I was there yesterday and the twin packs were $25. I passed.
  12. Phil S

    Article About Kingsford Prices: "Greedflation gone wrong"

    One of the reasons they offer so many different weights is so the stores can avoid price matching. If Lowes sells 16 lb bags and Home Depot offers 18 lb bags, neither one has to match their competitors price. TP and paper towels come in a wide array of different sheet size and count .
  13. Phil S

    2 Million COSORI Air Fryers Recalled

    FYI if you have a Cosori Air Fryer.
  14. Phil S

    Childproof Bottle Top Hack

    I think they put a very unique cap on the tequila bottle that doesn’t open at all after the third shot.... The cap can be put back on? I never knew that.... :unsure:
  15. Phil S

    Remember to check the age of your smoke detectors

    I believe many newer smoke detectors automatically beep constantly after a set amount of time. We had one "die" in the middle of a camping trip last year. We added a trip to Wally World to the schedule the next day.
  16. Phil S

    Tri Tip

    So impressed gonna look for his own pellet grill (maybe even the one I have) A stout bicycle chain should protect it.
  17. Phil S

    9pm cole slaw

    I've never salted and drained but it sounds like a good idea to avoid runny slaw the next day. Im hoping it allows me to make my slaw the day before. I'll give it a try next time.
  18. Phil S

    Mandolin slicer recommendations

    I also have the Borner and love it. I wouldn't hesitate to get another if needed.
  19. Phil S

    From the 416

    I would keep looking for briquettes. I've never had lump work well in my WSM without a LOT of babysitting.
  20. Phil S

    Charcoal recommendations??

    We have a largish rock that stays on the picnic table and holds down the can koozies when there's not a beer in them. It came from a bag of RO lump.