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  1. Bruno

    Wireless Sound System for TV

    Looks nice, will keep that in mind for when we move back to the house.
  2. Bruno

    Kung Pao Salmon

    In my mind I replaced the word salmon with chicken and man it looks amazing.
  3. Bruno

    Wireless Sound System for TV

    I just ordered this, we are in a rental for another year at least while the house gets worked on, we have been looking for something to improve these TV’s on a temp basis. Thanks
  4. Bruno

    Football is back baby!

    Bills blew that. Hurts is awesome though. Can’t wait til Sunday.
  5. Bruno

    Football is back baby!

    Stroud is awesome! Carolina will regret not taking him for many years.
  6. Bruno

    27# of Turkey 🦃 parts

    A fitting win against the birds! Have a great day.
  7. Bruno

    27# of Turkey 🦃 parts

    I’m sure that won’t suck!! Hahaha! What time is dinner? My family is mad because I want to eat at 3 so we can watch the Niners.
  8. Bruno

    Football is back baby!

    See ya in 2 weeks! Can’t wait.
  9. Bruno

    Tri Tip Tacos

    Love tacos!! They look great!
  10. Bruno

    Ooops I Did it Again

    Do it!!
  11. Bruno

    Thank you Veterans!

    Definitely thanks!!🇺🇸👍🏻
  12. Bruno

    SOLD: Considering selling my Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Center

    Very cool!! Looking forward to pics.
  13. Bruno

    Smokefire Cured Pastrami

    Wow that looks amazing.
  14. Bruno

    New York Strips on The Smokefire

    Yes sir!! That looks fantastic.
  15. Bruno

    Ring door bell camera

    Have a 4 camera ring set up, I think they are great!
  16. Bruno

    Error E7 motor failure.

    Will be watching!!
  17. Bruno

    Wet brined and smoked turkey 🦃 breast

    That looks great. I’ve had good luck with Turkey breasts on the SmokeFire in the past. I used the Franklin method, but may try yours next time.
  18. Bruno

    Football musings - vent, laugh, oh my!

    thought for sure you had that one
  19. Bruno

    Chicken Dinner

    Looking good Lew!
  20. Bruno

    British Blue

    I agree leave that beauty as it is.