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  1. ChuckO

    50/50 Chuck brisket burgers 🍔

    I absolutely love BBQ burgers and those are killing me. Nicely done 👍🏻
  2. ChuckO

    Thanksgiving 2023

    Thanksgiving was delayed a day, because my son took the holiday shift and made an insane amount of money. I prepped the bird Thursday, planning for it to dry brine until Friday and that was a good thing. However, I also made a mistake, I decided to put the butter under the skin during the...
  3. ChuckO

    Kingsford Pellets at Lowes

    I've been using the Kingsford pellets (my neighbor gave me like 20 bags) and they're great pellets. Very happy with them
  4. ChuckO

    27# of Turkey 🦃 parts

    Another epic Brett cook. Always good to see your cooks
  5. ChuckO


    A most impressive cook Gary, but as impressive if not even a little bit more, is that the tongs match your grill :)
  6. ChuckO

    Another Porchetta

    Pretty amazing cook Timothy, looks like everyone is quite happy, excellent Thanksgiving! I need to give this cook a try.
  7. ChuckO

    Turkey Parts for Turkey Day

    Very nice Michael
  8. ChuckO

    Dinner for 20

    I'm quite sure there were 20 happy people at your place John
  9. ChuckO

    Rotisserie Bird

    Looks great!
  10. ChuckO

    What the frog?

    That's novel, how did it turn out?
  11. ChuckO

    Gobble gobble

    Impressive cook, but even more impressive is you have working Meaters
  12. ChuckO

    Dizzy bird

    Looks good, how did you like it?
  13. ChuckO

    Different Pizza Peel.

    Yes 14.5” I was assuming you were looking for a stone and not a peel? My bad if you’re looking for a Peel
  14. ChuckO

    Different Pizza Peel.

    Hands down the best pizza stone out there
  15. ChuckO

    Steak Sando- the quest for the perfect sandwich

    Looks amazing Richard, I just don't know if it would ever make it to a sandwich. Either it's been a long time or I'm really getting old because I can't remember the last time I had a Stout Beer. I think I need a refresher
  16. ChuckO

    Qs re: the snake method

    With a Snake you control the temp with the top vent. What I have found to be the easiest is to do a 2/3 snake. I use one fully lit charcoal and set it on top, dead center of my snake. You cook goes on the 1/3 side (indirect of the snake) with the lid vent directly over your cook. It might...
  17. ChuckO

    It’s that time of year, yes Rack Of Pork.

    If you have a rotisserie, then that's the best way (imho) and if not, indirect on a 275 degree even 300 Weber Kettle. Do not put it in your Crockpot. It's a standing rib roast and deserves nothing but the best. It's done at 145 and it's over done at 165
  18. ChuckO

    New old kettles 22 and Smokey

    Nice 84 & 87
  19. ChuckO

    A Month of Sundays

  20. ChuckO

    Meat Church Chicken Chili

    Nice cook Jim, that looks like the ticket for a cold day.