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    BBQ Chicken

    High Heat-350
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    Sausage & Briskets

    Cooked 2-18lb Briskets & 1 small Brisket Flat for 11 hours. About 5 hours in the Flat. Threw on 40lbs of Sausage after Briskets were done. Friend having a Birthday Party
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    Belated Birthday Gift

    Friend had this made for me for my Birthday!! “Perfect”
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    Failed Miserably!!
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    Sausage and Ribs for Labor Day Weekend

    And thats How ya do it!! Good Job Dustin
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    Birria Tacos

    Shredded the Pot Roast I had cooked on the WSM the other Day. Added Taco Seasoning. Dipped Corn Tortillas in Enchilada Sauce. Loaded with Beef, Onions, Cilantro, & Cotija Cheese. Served w/Spanish Rice
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    Labor Day Ribs

    Apple doesnt fall far from the tree!! Good Job!!
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    Thats all. Marinara & mozzarella
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    Made a Homemade Pizza Cooked High Heat on WSM No water Pan
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    Corn & Beans

    Mixed Corn w/Pepper Jack Cheese & Cream Cheese. Jalapeños & Rotel. 1 1/2 cups of Cream. Smoked paprika & Chili Powder. Added Cotija Cheese & Cilantro to individual servings. BBQ Beans were Fantastic. Smoke Flavor came thru on Corn & Beans
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    Yearly Party

    Party for High School Pals 115 showed last year
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    Made some bread

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    Labor Day Eve BBQ

    Atta Boy!! Good Cook!!
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    Pot Roast & Peach Cobbler

    Never cooked a Pot Roast on the WSM but it was good.
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    Yearly Party

    Yesterday I went & bought all the meat for my Party. 6 Briskets, 8 Pork Butts, 24 Racks of Ribs, & 100 Sausages. The older I get (68) the harder it is to pull this off. Takes me 2-3 Days to recover. But when everyone starts telling you how much they enjoyed it it makes it worthwhile. I do it...
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    New Addition

    Came across a 22 missing the Charcoal Pan & middle grate. Other than that looks new. Has Cajun Steel Foor & Lid Hinge. He gave me $100’off for missing parts.
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    Jerk Chicken & Huli Huli Chicken

    Jerk Chicken served with fried Plantains, Black Beans. & Saffron Rice Huli Huli Chicken just marinated in Teriyaki Pecan Bars for Dessert
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    Small Church Cook

    Everybody brought Pot Luck so I didnt have to feed 50. My contribution was a 15lb Brisket & 30 Leg Quarters. Everybody enjoyed them. They gave me a new Shirt
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    Sweet n Sour Chicken