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    Hello from San Diego, CA

    Welcome to the forum Tristan, there are many great folks with so much to share, you will be challenged to keep track of all the information. Get set to become a better cook. From East County, good cooking Tristan. Bill
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    Hey Kyle, the sauce spicy N sweet chili heat by Soy Vay is NOT so hot that all you get is heat and not much flavor. The flavor goes well on Chicken and Pork. If you find it, you must try it on Wings. What a treat. Good luck and good cooking. Bill
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    Spinning the Bird

    Rich that is one of the best looking T B I've seen in some time and that plated picture is outstanding. Oh hell, the entire post is outstanding. Thanks, Bill
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    Packing plants, livestock, etc.

    Thanks for taking us to school, it's well received. I think you have a lot of information to offer us. Keep it coming. Bill
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    Vortex in the Performer and Soy Vay Spicy N Sweet Chili Heat. Sooooooo Gooooood. Give it a try if you can. Bill
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    TRI Tip $$$ nearly TRIpled

    Wow Mr. Lampe! I live in San Diego and this week Vons has choice TT untrimmed on sale for $4.97 lb. Normal now days, about @5.97 to @6.97 per lb. Not to long ago I was paying $2.99 lb on sale. Savor that TT. Bill
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    Advice on which 2nd grill to buy

    I own Pellet, gas, and charcoal cookers and if the powers to be said, " Bill you can only keep one of your cookers " I would hands down be keeping my Performer Deluxe. The flexibility the Performer gives you makes it the keeper. You can go hot and fast, low and slow, two zone cooking, reverse -...
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    Hello, from Oceanside, California

    Hey Dennis, I can't answer your questions but welcome to the forum from Santee. Good luck and good cooking. Bill
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    T-bones on the Smokey Joe Silver

    Case T, that last picture should be in a magazine with the title "How I made my friends on tvwbb go cook". Thanks for sharing, it's appreciated. Bill
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    Mr Lampe, that chicken takes the prize. Outstanding. Thanks for sharing. Bill
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    SPOG rub on steaks?

    If you would like to try a great seasoning try S P and "Santa Maria Seasoning". Fantastic on beef & chops. I buy mine at Sprouts or Vons. Bill
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    Pork loin chops & veggies

    Thanks Brad, I needed that laugh this morning. Bill
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    Genesis Gasser at Costco

    John, I think a question you need to ask your self is what type of cooking do I do the most, is the time factor important? Do I come home from work and just throw a couple burgers on the grill for dinner or is most of my cooking done on the weekend when I am lounging around having a couple of...
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    Cajun Bandit Rotisserie(CBR)

    Frank Ant, Brilliant, thanks for the idea. Bill
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    Pellet Grill Selection

    The top three pellet Grill/Smokers are MAK, Yoder, or Memphis. Expensive- Yes, however excellence normally is. Picking a Pellet Grill/Smoker comes down to how much you are willing to spend for the best you can afford. Russ Olin knows what I'm talking about. My Mak is run # 210 it's around 10...
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    EX6 is due to arrive in a few hours, what to do?

    Seems to be to many BUGS. I would wait until Weber works them out. At this point YouTube will be your best friend to find out how this cooker is progressing and of course our members who have invested in a unit. I wish you the best Bill
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    Steak on a pellet grill...So what can my Rec Tec really do?

    Jon that's a picture perfect looking steak. How was the smoke profile? I've found that on my MAK the higher the temp the less smoke profile I get. If I stay down around *225 the smoke profile is good. I'm looking forward to some of the comments regarding the Weber Pellet Grill. Bill
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    Wrapping ribs

    Bruce that's a 10 on the funny meter. Bill
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    Steak Lies video from Serious Eats with Kenji

    A fun video. Bill
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    Questions about what Weber will be offering...

    That Barb is one smart lady. Bill