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  1. Steve Whiting

    Best dishwasher under $1,000.00

    What gets me is the cheapness of some of the material. I bought a Kenmore Elite DW about 11 years ago and I have had to replace the cheap plastic wheel assembly on all four of the rack wheels that allow the racks to slide in and out. Luckily I found replacements on line that are made of steel so...
  2. Steve Whiting

    Any old Timers still around?

    I remember you Steve. Got lots of good information from you.
  3. Steve Whiting

    Any old Timers still around?

    I registered to this awesome forum when I was a newbie to outdoor cooking back around the 2007-2008. At the time we had a lot of very experienced members and I really learned a lot from them. Just wondering who is still around from lets say 2012 or before.
  4. Steve Whiting

    How to make Genesis gas grill hotter

    My thoughts exactly! Also, the low usage of the grill does not mean the burners are unlikely to be clogged. Its a favorite spot for spiders and insects to hide out in and clog up.
  5. Steve Whiting

    Silver C Rotisserie Question

    Excellent explanation. Exactly what I would have said.
  6. Steve Whiting

    41 Year Old Bag of Kingsford: What to do?

    The problem I see with doing a burn test is you would be comparing "New" KBB to "aged" KBB. The goal might be to see what is the difference between how well today's Kingsford buns as compared to how well kingsford of 1980 burned. the problem is to be fair you would need to age Kingsford made in...
  7. Steve Whiting

    Cajun Bandit Products and Customer Service

    Many years ago when Cajun Bandit was a brand new company I was one of the first to purchase the original Weber kettle Conversion kit (with the door) so I could turn my kettle into a smoker. Since then I have also purchased other items such as their stainless steel WSM replacement door and their...
  8. Steve Whiting

    Help with an old BBQ show

    At least 10 years ago I saw a one-time show about the history or BBQ on cable TV. I think it was either the History Channel or the Learning Channel. If memory serves correctly it was 1 hour long and had experts in the history of BBQ talk about BBQ past and present. It discussed how George...
  9. Steve Whiting

    Steaks to Closeout the Weekend

    Outstanding Cliff. Grill Grates do a fine job on Steaks
  10. Steve Whiting

    Portable Kitchen Grill?

    I purchased my PK Grill Classic in Graphite about 6 weeks ago. I LOVE IT! I also purchased Grill Grates for it so when I do SCA comps I can get the grill marks the judges like.
  11. Steve Whiting

    Adrenaline bbq company

    I purchased that and am very happy with it. Like many tools/accessories it is not necessary but I am glad I have it. Saves on foil or if you choose you can foil it and then that makes for easy clean up. I do believe it also helps direct the air draft towards the slow n sear making for a better...
  12. Steve Whiting

    Bay Area Craigslist find...

    Where is Bernal Heights? Any where near us Mike?
  13. Steve Whiting

    Moving a Genesis E320

    A couple of pins will release the lid but Im not sure that will make a whole lot of difference. I think two decently strong bodys can move it. it will be slow going but worth it in my opinion. of course, remove the tank if included.
  14. Steve Whiting

    Re: Chris Lilly

    He used to, and may still use a Jedmaster rotisserie cooker.
  15. Steve Whiting

    New Grill Brands Want To Take Over Your Backyard, Not So Fast.

    Rich has some good points I own a Genesis (2007) and use it mostly just for Saturday morning breakfast (bacon and hash browns on my Sizzle-Q) and the occasional hamburger. As Rich stated I dont see the reason to fire up charcoal for a 10 minute cook, especially when you are not cooking long...
  16. Steve Whiting

    Slow and Sear accessory for Weber kettle

    I too own both the Slow N Sear and the Drip N Griddle from Adrenaline BBQ Co and consider it one of the best accessories for my Weber kettle that I have ever purchased. I don't use it for low n slow because I have smokers for that but I do use it for Reverse searing and it works fantastic. Easy...
  17. Steve Whiting

    Grilling for one

    You gonna eat both of those George? ;)
  18. Steve Whiting

    Request for bell peppers grilling advice

    If done this and it is an Excellent method. Great results
  19. Steve Whiting

    Reverse searing woes.

    What temp is your cooker at when doing the indirect cook? This should be low n slow. If doing the indirect at a hot temp the internal temp of the steak will rise during the rest period. I do my Reverse Sears at 225-250 and it usually takes a good 25 minutes or more before they reach about 110...
  20. Steve Whiting

    2 questions - briquettes quantity and temperature

    Or what I try to do is make my cooks worth all the time and effort by cooking as much meat as possible with each event. If I want to cook a tri tip or a chicken I will do my best to find other meats or more of the same to cook at one time and just freeze the extra to eat at another time. If...