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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Just a heads up. Unless there is a very large demand in the next few months, I will not be supporting the Adapt-a-Damper any further. It seams that most of the builders have faded away here on the site. It's been a great run, and thank you all for your support. A special thanks goes out to Capn...
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Designed to be a tight slip fit.
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    Bigger fan options when moving to a bigger smoker?

    I built the mini, and use a 15 CFM. Should be big enough for the double pan. My fan never runs at full soeed.
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    So, I have the parts and files for machining the Aluma-Damper. I will not make parts to sell, but if anyone is interested in the CAD files, I would be more than happy to share. What would be the best posting venue?
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    INTRODUCING: the "Roto Damper"

    Do you still not have the files to give for 3D printing, or machining the RD3? Not that it really matters. Just wondering.
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Only because Brian made such an awesome controller!
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Big cook. A 16 lb Brisket. I put it on at 12:00 midnight a day ago. Done 14 hours later, but I thought I'd keep it burning. The giggles in the middle are when I put on other dishes to smoke. My Smoker. And this is with a battery powered setup. Great battery. I have 3 of them. Never changed it...
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    BBQ season in the UK again - 2/3 dead probes?

    Reflow your solder joints. Do you have pics of your board?
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    INTRODUCING: the "Roto Damper"

    Have these files been shared yet? Just wondering. I have people asking me for the half moon design and I always send them to this post.
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    I'm a Heatermeter Nerd

    I am. I admit it. Here is my arsenal of 4 controllers, 3 Aluma-Dampers, 1 15 CFM damper, and 3 battery packs. Each has a home to satisfy my SAS (Smoker Acquisition Syndrome).
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Really don't know what I did to get it dialed in. I built the smoker, a gravity feed smoker, from plans. The site is It's all insulated, and I had no clue the Heatermeter would keep the temps so much in line. It just happened.
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Pork Butt on the Mini Gravity Feed. Stock PID settings, using Fan only (15 CFM). No servo. Gravity Feed
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Pretty simple design change. I'll see what I can do.
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Frickin' awesome! Welcome to the Gravity Feed club. Looks like you got those plans from SmokerBuilders? i built the Mini and love it. Keeps temps within 1 degree all day long. Great build! Love the integrated HM!
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    I'll soon be working on a version with an integrated keystone into the design to be printed, much like the original adapt-a-damper.
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    Servo whine ?

    I ordered 10 servos at a time directly from TowerPro a few years ago. 2 were non-functional. I think TowerPro may even be outsourcing their Servos. I can swear by the Vorpal onces, though.
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    So I took a tamale pot and...

    I like that! I did something similar to control a Slow Cooker for Sous Vide. I made an enclosure for the SSR, but probably can't control 1500W without a Heat Sink. I have the case on Thingiverse Here if you want to make one.
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    High Frequency Whine From Servo When Damper Fully and Partially Closed

    MG90S servo's are notorious for being pirated/faked. You probably do not have the genuine article. I would suggest the MG90 servo sold by Vorpal Robotics. It's made by Tower Pro, and I have never had any issues with them. Same form factor as the MG90S. Great servo and reliable...
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    What bbq smoker temperature control unit is the best for the $ ? With WiFi, pit blower fan and meat and pit probes.

    The HeaterMeter project beats them all. i can maintain within 1 degree on my smoker.