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    Digital thermometer issues

    A person with one probe knows the temperature, a person with two or more probes is forever lost. ;) The fact your probes read the correct temps in ice water and boiling water tells, all is fine. Perfect. What we can't define or measure is the thermal currents within our smokers/grills. Just...
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    Dirty water pan = bad tasting meat?

    The water pan is used here for every smoke. With that said, there is a clean up. The outside of the water pan is foiled. After the smoke, the water & grease gets dumped, then soap and water. Meat grate gets a scrubbing. All the vents are closed for one day to smother the charcoal. Then a small...
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    Brisket Size?

    Stopped by Costco to renew the membership today. While perusing the $500.00 store I viewed the meat dept. There it was, USDA Prime brisket, small enough for Rancho Hobo. We have a winner. Craig,H in La Pine,
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    Brisket Size?

    I'll start looking for what is available in the meat section and keep the fingers crossed for a 14lb or so. Thanks Craig,H in La Pine
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    Brisket Size?

    Here at Rancho Hobo the WSM is a 18.5 inch. What size/weight brisket will fit without the usual lift in the middle, etc. I'd like to give it a go for grins & giggles and really don't need tons of meat for leftovers. Craig,H in La Pine
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    COWBOY BRIQUETTES break down after 1 use

    The crumble that is described could be nothing more that less binder & more charcoal. Any left over briquets go back into the chimney for the next smoke. Craig,H in La Pine
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    Flame Boss 300 splitter

    Hello Brad Smith, The short answer is no. The probes are thermocouples and any connector must be of the correct material. In industrial settings each thermocouple has individual wiring and never paired with others. Or so it was a decade ago. If multiple probes are needed search the web for a...
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    Cleaning Cooking Grates

    :D:coolkettle::wsm: Well...….I do like the reply, but. I tend to apply BBQ sauce, it has sugar and who knows what else. Great breeding ground for bacteria. The day after a smoke comes the chore of cleaning the smoker. Elbow grease, steel wool, soap & water are used. The cooking grates are...
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    Baby Back Ribs Redo, Help!

    Hello T Augustin, Welcome to the forum. First, every smoker is just a little different from others, Every cut of meat is a little different from the last one cooked. So, reading your post I'd say you are on the right track considering it is your first attempt. You are in effect asking how to...
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    temperature control - how fussy are you?

    Hello TVWBB Super Fan, No longer fussy about pit temperatures. Now using a Flame Boss to keep things somewhere close, close is good for pit temps. What matters the most here is: what meat....then what temp to set the stoker.......the meat/etc temp determines when the food is ready & done, good...
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    Flame Boss 300 temp probes

    Doesn't appear that I can upload a jpeg directly to this web site? Craig,H in La Pine
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    Flame Boss 300 temp probes

    Hello Mark, I'll post a jpeg of my food probe for a Flame Boss 100U later today. A brief description: The probe.......then a smaller diameter metal spring........then the smaller diameter wire mesh which covers the thermocouple wires. Have not used the food probe for the Flame Boss. The...
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    Flame Boss 300 temp probes

    On any of the probes from manufactures, do not put pressure or strain on the wire mesh covering or wire. Going thru the grommet the metal probe should be pushed from the out side and pulled on the inside at the same time. They when the wire mesh is at the grommet feed it thru the grommet, push...
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    Need to get my temperatures up

    First..............ditch the water pan if you want to get above the gray temp on the WSM built in temperature gauge, which is 275 degrees F on my WSM. The WSM has three in vents at the bottom and only one out vent at the top. This limits the air flow through the smoker, ie the amount of O2 for...
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    Best Charcoal Filling/Lighting Approach with a WSM 22.5 AND Flame Boss 300?

    I have the 18.5 WSM and a Flame Boss 100U. Using lump charcoal fill the basket to the top leave a little room between the water pan for about 1/3 of a chimney Kingsford Blue. Light the Kingsford and spread it over the lump when gray. Assemble the WSM and monitor the temperature. It should...
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    All Natural Hardwood Briquettes without Wood Chunks

    Hello BruceS, Here is the issue of truth in advertising????? If I knew where the briquettes were produced, one might have a clue as to what wood was used. I spent about 12 years in Springfield, OR. Kingsford made briquettes there. The predominate trees are pine. To me it added a pine taste to...
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    Dry water pan question

    OK, I'll bite? So you are not using water in the pan. Got why even put the pan in the smoker? Let the drippings hit the charcoal.....more smoke. CraigH in La Pine,
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    Temp probe interchangeability

    Fred BW, If you ran your smoker 24/7 and never let it cool down the probes would last longer. Insert a smiley here! It is the heat then cool cycles that get the probes. Reminds me, I don't have spares for either the Flame Boss or ET 732. It would be interesting to know the failure mode. Is it...
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    Temp probe interchangeability

    Hi All, Took a look at Flameboss: My FlameBoss 100 U is said to use "Industrial duty platinum resistance thermometer probes". Long ago in another life we use platnel II thermocouples in what is called a reformer furnace. Temperatures inside were a steady 1500 degrees F. Rosemount transmitters...
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    Temp probe interchangeability

    Fred BW, First look at the manufacturer's literature. The type of probe, might be listed. A type K thermocouple, most likely is the most common. This is where it gets sticky! The material (metal) used for connections must be correct for a particular type probe. The firmware used in the...